Hobart Pennicott Wilderness Journeys

Hobart is the gateway to many of Tasmania’s famous landmarks and natural wonders, including Bruny Island, Tasman Island, and Iron Pot Lighthouse. Pennicott Wilderness Journeys is a prominent tour operator in the region offering unique wilderness cruises, sightseeing tours and eclectic seafood experiences. These tours showcase the very best of the Tasmanian landscapes, wildlife and produce. If you’re looking to explore these destinations from the waters, there is no better option than the Pennicott cruises.

From Bruny Island’s rugged coastline brimming with wildlife and sea caves, to the stunning stretch of Tasmanian Peninsula famous for its highest vertical sea, cliffs, waterfalls, and seal colonies, there is plenty to see. These cruises give you a chance to enjoy the beauty of Tasmania's coastal areas from the comfort of a boat.

As you navigate through incredible caves and bays, the expert guides on board will share their profound knowledge of the local flora and fauna, geological features, and culture of the area. Feel free to ask all your burning questions about the sights you see!

For a longer, indulgent experience, you can choose the Seafood Seduction cruise. Renowned for its exquisite sea-to-plate dining experience, the tour is all about catching fresh seafood from the waters of Bruny Island and turning them into a feast for the senses. From succulent oysters , fresh abalone and urchin, to juicy Southern Rock Lobster and local salmon, coupled with local breads and cheese, this is a seafood extravaganza you cannot skip!

All Pennicott tours operate in small groups to bring you an intimate and personalised wilderness experience. This also ensures less impact on our environment. The tours are also 100% carbon offset as part of their commitment to sustainable tourism.

So why the wait? Choose your Pennicott Wilderness Cruise and book your seats today!

2Hr Pennicott Iron Pot Lighthouse Cruise

A small-group cruise down Derwent River on a brand new vessel to see Australia’s oldest lighthouse, Mt. Wellington & to circumnavigate Betsey Island.

Duration 2hr

From $135

3-Hr Pennicott Bruny Island Wilderness Cruise

Join an award-winning wilderness cruise to discover towering sea cliffs, deep sea caves, the Breathing Rock and Bruny Island on an eco-friendly boat.

Duration 3hr

From $155

3Hr Pennicott Tasman Island Wilderness Cruise

Exciting wilderness cruise along the stunning coastline between Port Arthur and Eaglehawk Neck to see the highest vertical sea cliffs & native wildlife.

Duration 3hr

From $155

8Hr Pennicott Bruny Island Tour From Kettering

A convenient full-day tour with pick-up at Kettering. Guided bus ride, scenic ferry crossing, and a Bruny Island wilderness cruise with tea & lunch

Duration 8hr

From $170

10Hr Tasman Island Full Day Tour from Hobart + Devil Park

A full-day Tasman Peninsula tour with an exciting pit-stop at the Tasmanian Devil Unzoo. Guided bus tour, wilderness cruise & lunch included.

Duration 10hr

From $265

10Hr Tasman Island Day Tour From Hobart

Full-day tour to Tasman Island complete with round-trip transfers, award-winning wilderness cruise, lunch & more. See cliffs, sea caves, wildlife etc.

Duration 10hr

From $245

11Hr Tasman Island Day Tour + Port Arthur Historic Site

A Tasman Island wilderness and wildlife journey that includes a guided bus tour, scenic coastal cruise, 3 hours at Port Arthur Historic Site & lunch.

Duration 10hr

From $280

7.5Hr Pennicott Wilderness Tasmanian Seafood Seduction Cruise

See a fresh catch of rock lobsters, oysters, abalone & sea urchins turned into a seafood feast just for you. Paired with local produce & Tassie wines.

Duration 7.5hr

From $700

10Hr Pennicott Bruny Island Tour From Hobart

A hassle-free full-day tour departing Hobart – enjoy a guided bus ride, a scenic ferry crossing, and a Bruny Island wilderness cruise with tea & lunch.

Duration 10hr

From $240 $245

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