About Launceston

If you are seeking to connect with nature, history, and culture, say hello to Launceston.
One of the oldest Australian cities, Launceston is fondly called ‘Launnie’ by the locals. When in this Northern Tasmanian city, you can enjoy some lovely paddle-to-plate culinary delights, relax amidst nature on a river cruise, or explore cobblestone streets, and other Launceston attractions.
Launceston is framed by the picturesque Tamar River, which originates at the meeting point of the North Esk and South Esk. Winding its way through the region, the Tamar takes you along some incredible riverfront landmarks, Seaport Precinct, Tamar Valley wildlife sanctuaries, lovely vineyards, and of course the incredible Cataract Gorge. What is the best way to see all of these attractions? Cruising!
The Cataract Gorge, a breathtaking natural reserve located right at the city’s heart, is probably the most iconic feature of Launceston. Its rugged cliffs, dense foliage, and cascading waterfalls provide a striking contrast to the urban surroundings. Sit back and enjoy the Gorge at its finest on a Tamar Valley River cruise.
That’s not it! There are so many more things to do in Launceston! The city’s historic architecture adds another layer of charm to the landscape. You can find lovely Victorian-era buildings, colonial structures, and well-preserved heritage sites that lend a sense of timelessness to the city's streets. If you're into city legends, you've got to check out the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery – it's a real gem.
You can bet your taste buds that Launceston is all about serving up some seriously delicious food. The city’s rich culinary culture is famous across the continent. The lively farmers' markets, sophisticated urban bars, farm-to-table meals, and charming wineries here led UNESCO to bestow upon it the prestigious title of 'City of Gastronomy'. While exploring the local taste, do not forget to taste some Tasmanian wines and local beers.
Launceston is the perfect blend of natural beauty, captivating history, and mouthwatering cuisine. So, whether you're a nature lover, history enthusiast, or a foodie on the hunt for unforgettable flavours, Launceston welcomes you with open arms.
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Launceston Cruise Experiences

Tamar River Cruises

3 Cruises

From $40

Featured Cruises

3 Cruises

4Hr Tamar River Batman Bridge Luncheon Cruise

Best-selling Tamar River cruise with a light lunch spread and beer/wine tasting. See the Batman Bridge, Cataract Gorge, and other riverside attractions.

Duration 4hr

From $159

2.5Hr Tamar River Morning Discovery Cruise

The perfect morning cruise to discover Tamar Valley & Island. See wildlife sanctuaries, vineyards, St. Matthias Church & the stunning Cataract Gorge.

Duration 3hr

From $110

1Hr Tamar River Cataract Gorge Adventure Cruise

An express cruise on the ‘Lady Launceston’ for a quick taste of Tamar River, Cataract Gorge and the bustling seaport precinct. Live commentary incl.

Duration 1hr

From $40

Know Before You Go


The best option for exploring Launceston is by car. If you do not have one of your own, you can hire one. There are public buses that will take you to some of the main points of the city.


Launceston is internationally recognised as UNESCO City of Gastronomy. The city offers a diverse array of culinary experiences that reflect its paddock-to-plate culture, fresh local produce, creative chefs, and unique atmosphere. Here you can find vibrant farmers' markets, quaint wineries, and elegant urban bars.


You can easily find an accommodation that fits your budget and preferences in Launceston. From five-star hotels to cheap motels, Launceston has it all.

School Holidays

Tasmania: 13 April to 28 April

Tasmania: 6 July to 21 July

Tasmania: 28 September to 13 October

Tasmania: 20 December 2024 to 6 February 2025

Events & Festivals

Launceston Cup
The Launceston Cup is a 150-year-old annual horse-racing event. With a prize money of A$300,000, it is a Group Three open handicap thoroughbred race that attracts bidders and enthusiasts from all over Tasmania. The cup is a well celebrated event in the city and would be a great experience for tourists as well.

Museum of Old and New Art: Festival of Music and Art is Tasmania’s largest contemporary music festival. But, this is not just any music festival. It is an annual music and arts festival that features many talented dance, theatre, visual art, performance and new media artists. It is usually held in Launceston and Nipaluna/Hobart.

Public Holidays

Monday, 1 January: New Year's Day
Friday, 26 January: Australia Day
Friday, 29 March: Good Friday 
Saturday, 30 March: Easter Saturday 
Sunday, 31 March: Easter Sunday 
Monday, 1 April: Easter Monday
Thursday, 25 April: Anzac Day
Wednesday, 25 December: Christmas Day
Thursday, 26 December: Boxing Day

Other public holidays declared by the state and territory governments:

Wednesday, 10 January*: Devonport Cup
Monday, 12 February*: Royal Hobart Regatta
Wednesday, 28 February*: Launceston Cup
Tuesday, 5 March*: King Island Show
Monday, 11 March: Eight Hours Day
Tuesday, 2 April**: Easter Tuesday
Friday, 3 May*: AGFEST
Friday, 4 October*: Burnie Show
Thursday, 10 October*: Royal Launceston Show
Friday, 18 October*: Flinders Island Show
Thursday, 24 October*: Royal Hobart Show
Monday, 4 November*: Recreation Day
Friday, 29 November*: Devonport Show

*Regional observance only
**Restricted public holiday in Tasmania. Observed by some awards/agreements and the State Public Service

Best Time To Visit

Launceston is cooler than most Australian destinations throughout the year. However, summer is generally considered as the best time to visit, owing to the clear skies, pleasant warm weather, and the seasons’ festivals and events.

Launceston Tourist Information

Shopping & Market Hours

Harvest Launceston is a Farmers’ Market that is held every Saturday morning at the heart of the Tamar Valley. Do not miss this vibrant market if you are into fresh produce, delicious coffee, cool-climate wines, artisan ciders, and so on. Meadow Mews Plaza, Mowbray Marketplace, and Centreway Arcade are some important shopping centres in the city that you should definitely check out.