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Tasmania is home to lush natural landscapes, which aren’t always easy to access. Such is the enchanting Gordon River, which meanders through the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, before emptying into the Macquarie Harbour. This is where pitch-black waters mirror the skies above and nature reigns supreme. You get the picture right? 

River cruises are popular across Tasmania and a Gordon River cruise is the true way to explore the absolute best of what this region has to offer. The scenery that unfolds before your eyes is nothing short of breathtaking – imagine lush forests, tranquil waters, and rolling rain-forest clad hills all around you, creating a picture-perfect setting. While you traverse the riverways, an expert guide will regale you with stories about the area’s history, culture and traditional custodians of the land.

This river is synonymous with Australia’s wilderness, and has a rich convict history, which dates back to the early 1800s. The isolated Sarah Island within the harbour, was once a brutal penal colony and housed some of the most notorious and dangerous convicts of the time. The two-thousand-year-old Huon pine trees add to the ethereal beauty of the landscape! You can see all of these and more during a river cruise! 

The quaint town of Strahan is the gateway to Gordon River and the Tasmanian west coast. Located roughly 300 kms from Hobart, Strahan offers plenty of adventures, an abundance of fresh seafood, a dark yet rich history, and plenty of wildlife encounters! It's a destination that really leaves a mark on you! An attraction that is just as iconic as a river cruise is the steam train, which ventures through the west coast wilderness. The rail route allows you to experience the rugged, yet splendid, terrani of the region from the comfort of a train. 

You can also head to a scenic waterfall within walking distance of the Strahan Harbour, check out the Iron Blow Lookout during an epic 99-bends drive from Queenstown, get a surge of adrenaline with white-water rafting on the King River, or even take the quad for a spin on the Henty Dunes.

There are just so many great things to do in Strahan, and you don’t wanna miss it. If visiting Tasmania is on the cards and you’re planning to venture past Hobart, this town is a must!

Gordon River (Strahan) Cruise Experiences

Pieman River Cruises

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Gordon River cruises

8 Cruises

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6Hr World Heritage Morning Cruise (Main Deck Centre)

See a 2000-year old Huon Pine tree, tour Sarah Island, enjoy a guided boardwalk through Heritage Landing & more on this scenic cruise on Gordon River.

Duration 6hr

From $145 $150

6Hr World Heritage Morning Cruise (Upper Deck Window)

Experience the bounties of Gordon River like a true VIP from the upper deck window seat on Harbour Master II. Sarah Island & Heritage Landing tour.

Duration 6hr

From $199

6Hr World Heritage Morning Cruise (Main Deck Window)

Iconic Gordon River cruise with guided tour to World Heritage sites. Enjoy a Tassie lunch at a window seat on the Main Deck for prime views.

Duration 6hr

From $180 $185

6Hr World Heritage Morning Cruise (Upper Deck Centre)

See Hells Gates and Heritage-Listed rainforests from the upper deck centre seat of the Harbour Master II. Stops at Sarah Island & Heritage Landing.

Duration 6hr

From $189

5Hr World Heritage Afternoon Cruise (Main Deck Centre)

Take in the evening glow of the Heritage-Listed Gordon River rainforest from a Main Deck centre seat on this cruise. Guided tours, boardwalks & dinner.

Duration 5hr

From $145 $160

5Hr World Heritage Afternoon Cruise - Main Deck Window

Opt for a scenic window seat on the Main Deck of this afternoon dinner cruise on Gordon River. See Hells Gates, Macquarie Harbour, Sarah Island etc.

Duration 5hr

From $185

5Hr World Heritage Afternoon Cruise - Upper Deck Window

Maximise your dinner cruise experience on Gordon River with a premium Upper Deck window seat. Guided tour of Sarah Island & Heritage Landing incl.

Duration 5hr

From $199

5Hr World Heritage Afternoon Cruise - Upper Deck Centre

Witness the natural wonders of Gordon River with a prime Upper Deck seat on this dinner cruise. See Hells Gates, Heritage Landing & visit Sarah Island.

Duration 5hr

From $189

4.5Hr Pieman River Cruise & Coastal Walk

A truly personal experience with the river & rainforest as you cruise on the Arcadia II to Pieman Heads. Enjoy a walk along the wild rugged coast.

Duration 4.5hr

From $105

1Hr Sweetwater Cruise On Pieman River

Small-group cruise on the Pieman River to see the staircase to Lover’s Falls, wreck of S.S Croydon on the Savage River & more. Commentary included.

Duration 1hr

From $40

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I stand here, firmly rooted in the soggy bank of the Gordon River. You've kindly given me the name "Huon Pine," though I find it rather funny, for you see, I do not belong to the ‘pine family’ at all.

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Wilderness Conservation By Gordon River Cruises

The serpentine channels of the Gordon River flow through the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Tasmanian Wilderness Area. Renowned as one of the most spectacular natural reserves in the world, this region is home to an array of natural and man-made gems.