About Maria Island

Maria Island is where you can have a real wildlife encounter with unique species of birds, marsupials, and endangered species life. A fantastic destination for wildlife photography, you can observe the laid-back wombats, the bouncy roos, the elusive Tasmanian Devils, and the vulnerable forty-spotted pardalote. But that’s not all there is to this wonderful island on the Tasmanian East Coast.

Pronounced “Ma-rye-ah”, this island is best accessed with Maria Island cruises. Discover well-preserved historic ruins, find hikes suitable for your fitness level, go camping in the midst of nature, or see awesome caves and marine life!

Maria Island has a fascinating history – it evolved from an Aboriginal hunting ground, to a penal colony in the 19th century, and later a farming settlement. You can explore convict ruins, including the Darlington Probation Station, which provides insight into the island's past as a convict settlement.

In short, Maria Island is a destination that truly appeals to nature enthusiasts, history buffs, and anyone seeking a serene and authentic outdoor experience in a uniquely beautiful setting.

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7.5Hr Ile Des Phoques & Maria Island Cruise

Join an award-winning cruise & walk tour to bask in the beauty of Maria Island and greet the fur seals of Ile Des Phoques, all in one day!

Duration 8hr

From $300


7.5Hr Maria Island Circumnavigation Cruise & Walk Tour

Only Hobart day tour that combines viewing of fur seals, dolphins, wombats and sea birds with stunning landscapes & World Heritage site history.

Duration 7hr

From $300

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Why Bird Watchers Love Maria Island

If the vibrant feathers of a Magpie make your heart skip a beat and the sweet melodies of a male Thrush serenade your soul, then Maria Island should be your next destination. This little island located off the coast of Tasmania has donned several hats throughout its history; from a convict probation station to an industrial enterprise.

Discover The Remnants Of Maria Island's Convict Era

Maria Island awaits, off the coast of Tasmania, tempting you with its incredible landscapes and adorable wildlife residents. It also holds stories of a past, oh so turbulent. You see, Maria Island was not just any other island back in the day; It was a penal colony.

Fascinating Facts About The Fossil Cliffs & Painted Cliffs

Maria Island rocks, literally! The island boasts some awesome geological diversity! It has features spanning across different geological ages. This means you can literally navigate through Tasmania’s geological history right here.