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  • Do we cater/accommodate for any special dietary requirements?
    Requests for dietary (gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free), substitutions and modifications of menus on board our cruises will be politely declined, as we have an on board kitchen and our kitchen team is required to serve the menus within a required time period, of the respective cruises. All our cruises have at least one vegetarian menu option for seated & served menus and buffets also offer vegetarian choice. We cannot guarantee that certain products or ingredients (halal, nuts, gluten, dairy, etc.) will not be in our food, and we explicitly accept no liability in this regard. For serious food allergies you must make your own decisions on selecting meals. Our staff’s comments are only to assist you in making an informed decision.
  • Is BYO food allowed?
    No. We strictly do not permit any BYO food options on our cruises.
  • Are drinks included?
    We have dinner and lunch cruises packages both with and without drinks. Please refer to the inclusions of the cruise of your choice for more specific information.
  • Are tea and coffee facilities available on board?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer tea or coffee on any of our cruise unless specified in the inclusions.
  • Are BYO drinks allowed?
    No. BYO drinks (both soft drinks and liquor) are strictly prohibited. Beverages can be purchased on board from our fully licensed bar.
  • What does the beverage package include?
    Beverage package inclusions also differ from cruise to cruise. Please refer to the dedicated beverages section in your cruise information for more details.
  • Is there air-conditioning on board?
    Yes. All our cruises have air-conditioned interiors.
  • Is there a seating policy?
    The seating policy varies from vessel to vessel and depends on the nature of bookings and menu served. Please refer to additional information for the same.
  • Is there a fixed itinerary for all cruises?
    No, the schedule of our cruises change depending on the type and season of the cruise, especially in the case of special events. Please refer to the individual time information on the product page for the same.
  • Are the cruises wheelchair accessible?
    Our fleet does not offer wheelchair accessibility. Whilst our vessels are not wheelchair friendly, our crew will be happy to assist passengers with limited mobility in boarding the vessel both on the gangway and using the stairs, with your or a carer’s consent, where possible. We do not accept any risk or liability in relation to our staff providing assistance with boarding. Guests must make their own informed decision in choosing to access the vessel with assistance of the crew at the boarding point. Amenities on some of our boats are located on lower levels accessible by stairs only. We do not recommend our cruises to guests with mobility restrictions which prevent them from using stairs. We do not have facilities to store motorised wheelchairs or heavy/non-collapsible mobility devices, either onboard or on the wharf. If you contact our staff either by phone or email, our staffs’ comments are only to assist you in making your own informed decision on whether the vessel is suitable for the guest’s mobility requirements. Staff comments must not be misinterpreted that the vessels are wheelchair friendly. In the event that a guest is unable to access the vessel due to their mobility limitations, a refund will only be provided for the guest and 1 carer.
  • Where is the closest parking station?
    Secure Parking offer two great parking stations close to King Street Wharf. 1. King Street Wharf Parking on Shelley Street is the closest parking available. 2. Another nearby parking station is 321 Kent Street with an approximate five minute walk to King Street Wharf. Parking rates are available by visiting the Secure Parking Website.
  • Is there a dress code for the cruises?
    All our cruises have individual dress code policy. Please refer to terms and conditions and additional information for the same.
  • What is the difference between boarding time and departure time?
    Boarding time refers to the exact time when the guests may start boarding the cruise. Guests are free to board from boarding time to departure time. Departure time refers to the time when the vessel leaves the wharf.
  • Are cameras allowed on the cruise?
    Guests are allowed to capture pictures and record videos of their time on board the cruise. Also, a photographer will be available on board most of our cruises to click photos that are available for purchase.
  • Can I bring packed presents or gifts on board?
    Yes. Gifts and presents are allowed. Please note that we reserve the right to inspect all packages prior to boarding for safety reasons.
  • How many guests can be accommodated on a cruise?
    The number of guests at any given point of time depends on the vessel capacity of the cruise and the nature of the event. For the same vessel, number of guests may vary for a regular cruise when compared to a special event cruise. Please refer to additional information of the respective cruise for further details.
  • Is smoking allowed on board the cruise?
    Yes. Please note that there is no designated smoking area.
  • Will phones or cellphones work inside the cruise?
    Yes. Phones and cell phones work inside the cruise. We advise you to restrict phone conversations to the outer decks in the interest of all aboard.
  • Do your cruises operate in all weather conditions?
    Our cruises operate in all weather conditions on Sydney Harbour, unless restrictions are imposed by regulatory authorities not to operate.
  • Are cruises suitable for all age groups?
    It varies depending on the cruise package you choose to go for. Please refer to the relevant booking section for the cruise of your choice for more specific information.
  • What is the standard boarding procedure?
    It is advised to carry the printed e-ticket with you while boarding.
  • Is English the only medium of communication available?
    All our crew can communicate in fluent English. Assistance in other languages is subject to availability of crew fluent in the concerned language.
  • Are there washrooms/restrooms on board the cruises?
    Yes. All our cruises are equipped with restroom facilities. Please note that the restroom may not be disability-friendly.
  • When does the cruising season end?
    There is no specific season for our regular cruises. All our regular cruises operate all year round.
  • Are the boats enclosed?
    Yes, all our boats have enclosed area that are climate controlled.
  • Do cruises get cancelled due to storms or high winds?
    Our cruises operate in all weather conditions on Sydney Harbour, unless restrictions are imposed by regulatory authorities not to operate.
  • Where does all the cruise depart from?
    Most of our cruises depart from King Street Wharf, where we have our designated private wharves.
  • Where do we collect the boarding pass from?
    You can collect it from our ticket office which is right opposite King Street Wharf. Our team will assist you to board the wharf from thereon.
  • Do you have parking facility ?
    We do not arrange parking facility. However, you can get the right information about the nearest parking available by using 'Secured Parking' on Google.
  • How far is King Street Wharf from Circular Quay?
    King Street Wharf is easily accessible from Circular Quay and is well connected by trains and buses.
  • Can I bring a birthday cake on board the cruise?
    Yes. Cakes are allowed on all of our cruises. The crew on board will assist you to and store it as you board till the time you want to cut it.
  • How do I obtain a quote for private boat hire?
    Please fill out our online enquiry form or you can call us on (+612) 8296 7351 for the latest discounts on group bookings. We will tailor a package to suit your specific needs, budget, occasion and requirements.
  • Is there a special rate for group bookings?
    Please contact our Reservations for current special offers for group bookings at (+612) 8296 7351. You can also fill out an online enquiry form for a personalized quote.
  • Do I have to pay in full for large group bookings? Can a deposit be paid?
    No. We accept 20% deposit for large group bookings. The full booking amount will need to be paid two weeks prior to the cruise. Payments can be made at regular intervals or in one lump sum, whichever is more convenient for you. Final guest numbers also have to be confirmed 2 weeks prior to cruise date.
  • I have a promo code, how do I use this for my booking?
    When you are checking availability, please enter the promo code you have along with the number of tickets and your preferred date. Please note there are a limited amount of seats available for promo codes on given days, so please refer to the pricing calendar for availability.
  • My promo code is not working what do I do?
    All of our promo code's are subject to availability, so there may not be seat availability for the given date. But first check the following things are correct: Ensure that the promo code you are entering matches the promo code on the promotional material. Check the validity period of the promo code and any black out dates of the promotion. If all of the above are checked and the promo code still is not working, please call our Reservations team on (+612) 8296 7351. They will be able to check if the cruise is running on the given day and if your promo code discount is available for that cruise.
  • How do I check availability for a cruise?
    You can check availability for any of our products by clicking on the book now button for each product. This will take you to our online reservations system. Please enter the desired date and the number of tickets you wish to purchase. This price displayed is dependent on the number of seats available - so if you check availability and come back a couple of days later you are not guaranteed to receive the previously displayed price. The price on the internet is the best available price across the business.
  • Are children allowed?
    Age restrictions and child policies differ from cruise to cruise and are subject to the nature of the vessel. Please refer to the booking section and additional information section in the respective product page for more details.
  • Do you offer child discounts?
    There are special child and infant prices on all applicable cruises. Please refer to the booking section of your preferred cruise for more information.
  • Are there special offers for pensioners/senior citizens?
    We only have discounted online prices available for adults.
  • Is there pre-allocated seating?
    For most of our cruises, seating will be reserved. The cruise director/crew will guide you to your allocated seats. Please refer to the additional information for further details.
  • Does infant below 4 years need to be booked with a seat?
    Yes, infants should be booked with a seat in order to ensure a secured space inside the boat with maximum comfort.
  • How do I confirm my booking?
    Immediately after booking you will receive an email confirmation invoice and boarding pass. Upon receipt of these emails, your booking is confirmed. These emails will show you all additional information you may need for the cruise. If you would like to further re-confirm your booking with one of our Reservations Staff please call (+612) 8296 7351
  • What are the modes of payment for online booking?
    Payment is required in full at the time of the reservation and can be done via credit cards for online bookings. We accept major credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club.
  • What are other modes of payment?
    You can choose to call our cruise consultants at 612) 8296 7351 to book over the phone and pay via credit card. Else, you can visit our office at King Street Wharf 5 to book and pay with cash. If you want to Book & Pay Later, call our cruise consultants, pay a deposit by credit card and pay the balance amount closer to the cruise date.
  • What if I don't have a credit card?
    For guests who don't have a credit card, the best option is to visit our office at King Street Wharf 5 and pay via cash.
  • Do we get individual table reservations?
    This depends on the number of guests cruising on a particular day. Also, odd numbered groups are likely to be seated on a shared table. You are advised to add in a request for individual tables while booking itself.
  • Can a payment for a cruise be made via cash, cheque or direct debit?
    We do accept these other methods of payment; however, credit card is only available for online bookings. If you would like to pay by cash, you are welcome to come into any of our ticket offices around Circular Quay and Darling Harbour to make your booking. If you would like to pay via cheque or direct deposit, this must be done at least 4 days prior to your cruise date.
  • Why is this cruise so expensive?
    The price of the cruise is reflective of the penalty rates applicable to staff wages on all Australian public holidays. Staff are entitled to more pay rates on all public holidays prescribed by the government.
  • Why are Christmas Day/New Year's Eve cruises so expensive?
    The price of the cruise is reflective of the penalty rates applicable to staff wages on all Australian public holidays. Staff are entitled to more pay rates on all public holidays prescribed by the government.