A Tryst With Nature, Art, And History In Hobart

Hello travellers! Let us talk about Tasmania’s incredible capital city, Hobart. Whether you are a voracious history buff, lover of art – both the classics and contemporary, a nature enthusiast, or a dedicated foodie, Hobart has it all!

Picture yourself in an age-old city sitting on the bank of a majestic river, set against the rugged backdrop of a mountain. Welcome to Hobart! Tucked away between the winding River Derwent and the breathtaking Kunanyi/Mount Wellington, Hobart is absolutely astonishing, to say the least. Fun fact: you are in the second oldest capital in Australia! How cool is that!

With charming colonial architecture, incredible, windswept landscapes, diverse wildlife, and an interesting art culture, this little city offers some big experiences. Ride along to find some of them you should not miss when in the city…

Be Blown Away By Bruny Island

If you are looking to make your Instagram explode like a confetti cannon with mind-blowing pictures, Bruny Island is the right place!  Join one of the Pennicott tours and prepare to be stunned. The vast blue Southern Ocean framed by rugged coastlines, the enchanting sea caves, and towering cliffs that scream ‘top-of-the-world feels’, are sure to steal your heart.

Bruny is divided into South and North by a narrow isthmus known as The Neck. Get ready for an otherworldly island view that will have your eyeballs doing a happy dance from this epic lookout point. Also, explore the South Bruny National Park, which encompasses the Cape Bruny Lighthouse, Adventure Bay, Cloudy Bay, Fluted Cape, etc. And, of course, taste Bruny Island’s briny oysters and yummy cheese.

The island comes alive with a bustling community of diverse wildlife. When here, do not forget to look out for the unique white wallabies. They are a rare species and extremely cute. Also, make sure you pack your binoculars, trust us, you will need them. With several endangered bird species nesting here, the island is a literal heaven for birdwatchers. Just like the land, the waters are equally rich with life – meet seals, dolphins, whales (seasonal), and more. Pennicott Wilderness Journeys are an amazing option if you wish to say ‘hi’ to these native species.

Hobart’s Age-old Waterfront

The port of a city can tell you more stories about the days gone by than a book ever will. Hobart Port stands as a nostalgic echo of days gone by, offering a glimpse into the city's rich seafaring history. It is one of the best deepwater ports with a stunning waterfront and is the epicentre of all the activities in the city.

As you stroll along the port, you will be greeted by a wisp of salty air. The historic waterfront is a perfect blend of old-world charm and contemporary vibes. Here, you can find cobblestone pathways leading you past heritage buildings that have stood the test of time.

Wharves and warehouses have been restored to aesthetic galleries, boutiques, cafes, restaurants, etc. If you are curious about art and nature, visit the famous Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. The iconic Salamanca Place was the ‘hangout spot’ in the 19th century. Now it houses several craft shops and hosts an ah-mazing market every Saturday. Check it out if you can!

Battery Point: The Historic Haven Of Hobart

Crafted from sandstone, the Kelly Steps stand as an iconic testament to Hobart's history, and connect Salamanca Place to the charming suburb of Battery Point. Climb these steps to go back in time. There is no better way to explore the streets of Battery Point than on foot. If you would like to learn the tales of the town, join a historic walking tour. Also, you can find an array of wonderful cafes here. So, grab a cup of coffee when you are tired from all the walking.

Spend your time here window shopping– explore the quaint antique shops and browse through the lovely bookshops. If you are someone who is moved by gorgeous architecture, visit the St. George’s Anglican Church that sits on the highest point for all to see.

To see more of old architecture, explore ‘Arthur Circus’! At the heart of Battery Point, a small circular community park is surrounded by charming cottages that were built in the early days of Hobart! These quirky old cottages will give you a glimpse of the past.

Check Out The MONA

MONA or Museum of Old and New Art is… well, it ain’t the ‘Lisa’ but this museum is equally (or more) interesting. It is a unique platform where you can view an array of old, new, and timeless art from the founder David Walsh’s collection. MONA is a must-visit if you want to be surprised (sometimes very nicely, other times not so much so) by art.

But, MONA is not just a museum. In addition to immersing yourself in art and exhibitions, you also have the opportunity to delight in live music, savour culinary delights and fine wines at the restaurants and bars, discover the library and recording studio, and even engage in a friendly match at the tennis court.

This is a perfect place to spend a day. Please note that it does not matter if you are from Tasmania, everyone has to book their tickets prior to the visit.

In short, Hobart is a city where incredible nature meets rich history and wonderful art, with a tinge of modernity. At every nook and corner of this beautiful place, you will find something or the other waiting to be explored. So wait no more! Book your tickets and be ready to be blown away.