Port Stephens Dolphin Watching cruises

There are more than 140 Bottlenose Dolphins that call Port Stephens home, and you can visit any time of the year to enjoy a unique meet-and-greet sesh with these hyperactive swimmers. Bottlenose Dolphins are small-sized dolphins belonging to the group of ‘toothed’ whales. They get their name from their short and rounded snout which resembles a ‘bottle’. If you’re eager to get a glimpse of their action-packed day-to-day lives, then hop on a cruise! A dolphin watching cruise in Nelson Bay is your sure shot to spotting the acrobatic and ever-curious dolphins in their natural habitat. 

We offer a selection of dolphin watching cruises in Port Stephens that offer you the exclusive opportunity to watch these local dolphins up close and personal. Cruising by the headlands and harbour, past Shoal Bay, Jimmy’s Beach, and other popular attractions, these cruises also offer a unique sightseeing opportunity. Don’t forget to carry your camera to capture the ethereal natural landscapes of the Port Stephens region. 

Some of these Dolphin cruises in Nelson Bay also include exciting water-based activities such as boom-netting, water slides etc. Book a dolphin cruise today!

1.5hr Dolphin Discovery Cruise

Watch the lively bottlenose dolphins of Nelson Bay in this adventure cruise with a Twist & Twirl waterslide, boom net ride & more. High sighting rate.

Duration 1hr

From $40

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