Perth Whale Watching Cruises

Watching the majestic creatures
Even though it was commercially established as an industry in 1989, whale watching in Perth is an activity that has gained a lot of popularity in the past couple of years. Tourists and locals both are partaking in this pastime alike, with so much it’s popularity that innumerable tour operators provide 100% guarantees for whale spotting if you choose their whale watching cruise in Perth. Increasing exponentially, the number of charter vessels that operate out of Perth’s waters provide its customers tours as exciting as they are educational. While generating significant revenue for the government, these whale watching cruises inform people about the importance of marine wildlife conservation and helps such efforts undertaken by various agencies as well. 

Popular whale watching spots in Perth
Operators offer different packages with different inclusions to tourists across Perth. Popular destinations for whale watching cruises in Perth include: Hillarys Boat Harbour, Fremantle Harbour, Bremer Bay, Augusta, and Margaret River Region. Charter vessels also operate out of Albany, Broome, Exmouth, Denham, Karratha and Geographe Bay. Whale watching is more dependent on the weather of the hour than the time of the day and all tour operators emphasise on this fact when providing guarantees along with whale watching cruises in Perth.

Friendly giants and where to find them
Whale watching in Perth is based on the migration of Humpback whales during September to late November. Getting up and close with these majestic creatures is a really special experience, and to see them in their natural habitat indulging in their playtime activities is something you must experience first hand. On a whale watching cruise in Perth, you can get a glimpse of whale species ranging from the Humpback, Southern Right, Minke and rarely Blue whales too! Whales range from 80 to 130 tonnes in weight and are 2.4-metres to 31-metres long. These air-breathing, warm-blooded mammals give birth and nurse their young. These huge mammals may look intimidating, but they are actually really friendly creatures and often like to come to shore with their calves to put on a bit of a show. Having streamlined smooth surfaced bodies with layers of insulating blubber makes them ideally suited to marine environments.
More than just spectating!
Most cruises offer golden opportunities to view whales up-close and some of them come with additional equipment such as underwater cameras and microphones, to elevate your experience even further! Not only will you able to see them up-close, informative guides will tell you more about the language of the whales too! You will also be able to learn more about a variety of marine life and about attempts to conserve the beauty of nature. You are sure to leave the whale watching cruise a changed person, with a different perspective on life, quite literally.

VIP Captain's Lounge Perth Whale Watching Cruise (SEP-DEC)

Watch up-close the migrating pod of whales from a luxury lounge with complimentary snacks and more on this whale watching cruise in Perth.

Duration 2hr

From $165

Perth Canyon Blue Whale Experience

The secret to unlocking the best whale-watching cruise in Perth Canyon: a comprehensive what, where and when!

Duration 7hr

From $385

Whale Watching Perth Experience

Watch the magnificent Australian Whales from a luxury catamaran with 5 viewing decks over 3 levels. Expert commentary included.

Duration 2hr

From $95