Perth Whale Watching Cruises

Get out into the ‘whale-derness’ for some whale watching fun in Perth. Whale watching season in Perth typically runs between late May to early December, with peak sightings usually reported between September and November. The waters off the Western Australian coastline plays host to various whale species including Humpbacks, Southern Rights, Minkes, and the stars of the show, Blue Whales! 

While there are plenty of options to check out the whales, a whale watching cruise easily stands out, offering close-up encounters with these fierce yet friendly creatures. We have listed the best whale watching cruises from Fremantle, Perth that gives you the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with the whales in their natural habitat. 

These whale watching cruises in Perth have everything you need for the perfect whale encounter including live commentary, onboard refreshments, guaranteed whale sightings and plenty of photo ops! 

Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions:
What is the best time to go whale watching in Perth?

The best time to see whales in Perth is between September and November – this is when the waters off the Perth coast, near Fremantle, are bustling with migrating whales.

Which are the different whale species that can be spotted in Perth?

Humpbacks and Blue Whales are the two main species spotted off Perth’s coastline. But you can also spot Minke Whales, Southern Rights, Sperm Whales, Killer Whales (Orcas) and various species of dolphins.

What is the best time & place to see Blue Whales in Perth?

March to May is the best time to see the elusive Blue Whales and the best place to see them is  in the Perth Canyon Marine Park. This period coincides with their autumn feeding season, attracting the largest congregation of Blue Whales in Australia!
Are whale watching tours safe?

Yes, whale watching tours in Perth are completely safe. The experienced Captain and crew members on board adhere to strict guidelines to ensure your safety at all times.
Where do whale watching tours in Perth depart from?

All Perth whale watching tours listed on our website depart from Fremantle, offering easy access for locals and visitors. Get ready to have a whale of a time!
Are whale sightings guaranteed on every whale watching tour?

Most whale watching cruises listed on our website have a 100% whale sighting guarantee. In the unlikely event where you don't spot a whale, a free return cruise is offered.
How to prepare for a whale watching tour?

Warm jackets are recommended for the cool sea breeze. Bring essentials like sunscreen and water, motion sickness remedies if needed and your camera to capture 'whalesome' moments.

2Hr Perth Whale Watching Cruise - VIP Captain's Lounge

First-class VIP Captain's Lounge experience to watch the whales. Grandstand position, premium service, and other privileges. (September to December).

Duration 2hr

From $165

7Hr Perth Canyon Blue Whale Research Tour

Cruise to Perth Canyon, Australia's only spot to see Blue Whales. Join the expert team to track and research these incredible creatures. March- may.

Duration 7hr

From $385

2Hr Perth Whale Watching Experience

Thrilling whale watching experience aboard a luxury catamaran with 5 viewing decks across 3 levels. Expert commentary included. September to December.

Duration 2hr

From $95