Guiding Principles

Outcome Focused – We make it happen!

One of the core principles of the Australian Cruise Group is to work towards achieving positive outcomes in every sphere of activity. All teams have their task laid out and the importance of accomplishing the best possible result is instilled in every member.

Innovation & Excellence

At the Australian Cruise Group, we believe that there is always scope for thinking outside the box and applying innovative ideas to streamline our system, which in turn, enhances the quality of our products and services.

Quality At Every Touch Point

The Australian Cruise Group believes that delivering ‘quality’ at all touch points lays the foundation for a flawless reputation. With our teams focused on attention to detail and quality control, delivering ‘excellence that surpasses all benchmarks’ has become second nature with us.

People Are Our Strength

We believe that our staff is our greatest asset. What they bring to the table in terms of ability, diversity and creativity is incomparable and we strive to provide them with a positive working environment that helps nurture their knowledge and talent.

Respect the Community & the Environment

Guided by integrity, the Australian Cruise Group acknowledges its responsibility to the community and upholding the essence of environmentally sustainable business practices. We do what it takes to minimise our carbon footprint, mindful of the people and the environment in which we operate.