Sydney Harbour Whale Watching Cruises

During May to November, the waters around Sydney become a bustling highway for the Humpback Whales as they migrate to the tropical breeding grounds. This is the best time to go on a whale watching cruise from Sydney Harbour and get a front-row view of the whales and their incredible antics. 

We have brought together a wide range of whale watching cruises in Sydney to ease your selection and booking process. We have handpicked the best tours that offer exceptional sightings, knowledgeable guides, and top-notch service. From 2-hour express cruises and longer 5-hour cruises to morning and afternoon departures, you can choose a tour that fits your schedule.

Most whale watching tours leave Sydney Harbour in minutes, ensuring you’ll have plenty of time with the whales! Be on your toes, for it won't be long until you witness a spectacular splash. See the graceful giant emerge from the water in magnificent fashion, only to plunge back down again! Marvel at their graceful tail-slapping displays and listen to the melodic sounds of their songs reverberating through the air. The crew on board will share captivating stories about whale behaviour, migration patterns, and the local marine ecosystem. 

So don’t miss out! Book your Sydney whale watching cruise today!

4Hr Whale Watching BBQ Lunch Cruise

Whale watching experience off Sydney Heads to see the Humpbacks breaching, tail slapping & more. Afternoon departure with lunch & commentary.

Duration 4hr

From $99 $104

3.5Hr Luxury Whale Watching Cruise

Private whale watching tour with informative commentary, limited to 10 guests for best views of the Humpback Whales at play. BBQ lunch included.

Duration 4hr

From $499 $550

2Hr Whale Watching Express Cruise

Navigate the vast blue playground we call Sydney Harbour as you head out to encounter Humpback whales on their migratory journey.

Duration 2hr

From $75

2.5hr High-Speed Adventure Whale Watching Cruise

Perfect for thrill-seekers – join one of the fastest boats in Sydney and reach the open ocean in 10 minutes to watch the Humpback Whales in action.

Duration 2hr

From $95

3Hr Whale Watching Discovery Cruise - Darling Harbour

The perfect way to see whales in Sydney, Fantasea’s whale watching cruise has the best success rate for spotting them. With no overcrowding, everyone gets a view!

Duration 3hr

From $109

4Hr Oz Whale Watching Brekkie/BBQ Lunch Cruise

Spot Humpback breaches, tail slaps & spy hops near Sydney Heads. Spacious boat, limited seating, best views. Morning & afternoon departures. (May-Nov)

Duration 4hr

From $99

3Hr Whale Watching Discovery Cruise - Circular Quay

Make waves with this unique experience on a whale-watching catamaran; enjoy up-close and personal views of the whales and their delightful antics.

Duration 2hr

From $109

5Hr Tall Ship Whale & Sail Cruise

Experience the thrill of seeing the mighty Humpback Whales up close and the excitement of sailing on a classic square rigger Tall Ship (May-October).

Duration 5hr

From $149

2Hr Sydney Princess Whale Watching Express

Hop on the ‘Whale Express’ to witness the Humpback Whale migration along the Sydney coastline. Informative commentary included. May-November.

Duration 2hr

From $89

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