About Us

Australian Cruise Group is a leading Tourism and Hospitality company based in Sydney, Australia. The company prides itself on having a modern and flexible organisation structure which encourages ideas, dynamic interactions and innovative thinking outside of the box.

The company had a humble beginning in 1983 with a 100 seater vessel on Sydney Harbour. Since then, the company has expanded with the introduction of two authentic paddle wheelers "Sydney Showboats". The company further expanded in early 2000's with the introduction of Magistic Cruises and Jet Cruiser in 2006.

With the acquisition of Ocean Spirit Cruises in October 2011, Australian Cruise Group was formed to consolidate all of our various cruise operations, online marketing and technology businesses under the one corporate entity.

It is highly important in such a competitive and volatile environment to be adaptive and flexible – we are able to achieve exactly these outcomes by relying on our committed team involvement and modern, innovative marketing and technology. Our Executive Chairman, Sudhir Warrier, believes in the fun business of tourism – outcomes can be achieved with fewer rules and boundaries that allow the Executive Team to exercise their own level of authority, resulting in a more organic structure.

In every essence of the term, Australian Cruise Group has broken the chains of traditional organisation structures allowing cross collaboration between teams, and sharing of information and ideas in a flexible and supportive team environment.

In 2012, Australian Cruise Group introduced the partner / affiliate program that enables other operators to work with the Australian Cruise Group team and take advantage of our capabilities for better business outcomes.

To find out more about our affiliate partnership, please contact our Executive office at executiveoffice@australiancruisegroup.com.au