Australian Cruise Group | Our Story From Humble starts to success

Riding the Waves to Climb the Ladder of Success

The Australian Cruise Group is a leading Tourism and Hospitality company based in Sydney, Australia. With humble beginnings, the company forayed into the Sydney Harbour tourism scene with a modest 100-seater vessel. This was but a stepping stone that tested the waters before ACG created waves with the introduction of ‘Sydney Showboats’ in 1987, recreating the charm and sophistication of authentic paddle wheelers that used to ply the waters of Sydney Harbour during the 1800’s.

With that, there was no looking back. The new millennium saw the introduction of Magistic Cruises with Magistic Two and Magistic Sail creating ripples of excitement in and around the harbour. Later, in 2006, it launched the Jet Cruiser, expanding its services to include a thrilling, wet and wild harbour experience.

October 2011 saw the acquisition of Ocean Spirit Cruises, giving the Australian Cruise Group a platform to consolidate all its cruise operations, online marketing and technology businesses under it, as one corporate entity.

As a company, we truly believe that our achievements are the result of multiple teams working in unison towards a common goal. We pride ourselves for having broken the chains of traditional command, making way for effective communication and collaboration between teams and creating a supportive environment that is a hotbed for innovative ideas.

Our Executive Chairman, Sudhir Warrier, believes that in the fun business of tourism, outcomes can be achieved with fewer rules and boundaries that allow the Executive Team to exercise their own level of authority, resulting in a more organic structure.

Over the years, we have tested the waters and slowly and steadily climbed the ladder of success, riding the waves of competition and volatility in the tourism industry. The commitment of our teams that work behind the scenes and the implementation of innovative marketing strategies have laid the foundation for our success. We have adapted our ideas, products and business models to keep pace with what the world wants, to avoid getting lost in the fray.