Great opportunities to launch your career graph

The Australian Cruise Group owns, manages and operates luxury cruise vessels and leisure experiences in Sydney with a diversified interest in online tourism marketing and technology. And, without a doubt, great employees are the vital key of great experiences!

We have ample scope for exciting employment opportunities on shore as well as on our cruising vessels and our compensation packages are the best in the market. We are always open to hiring individuals with the right personality and skill set that could take our company from strength to strength.

The Australian Cruise Group offers you the right platform to launch your career graph and grow professionally, working in tandem with a fantastic team. As a company, we truly believe that our achievements are the result of multiple teams working in unison towards a common goal.

We pride ourselves for having broken the chains of traditional command, making way for effective communication and collaboration between teams and creating a supportive environment that is a hot spot for innovative ideas.

So, if you’re ready to bring your ideas to the table and take your career to the next level in the tourism industry, Australian Cruise Group is the place to be!