Why Gordon River Is Nature's Mirror

When you see the Gordon River, this question is sure to roll out of your mouth, “Did I walk into a storybook?” You can replace the question with “Is this a dream?” “Will I meet forest fairies or talking animals here?”. These are all expected responses because Gordon River is ethereal. A breathtaking shock of nature, in contrast to the boring urban sprawls we have grown accustomed to.

The town that you should drive to for visiting the Gordon River is Strahan. And let us tell you, this small town is no slouch when it comes to things to do, but one of the most sought-after Strahan attractions are those mind-blowing Gordon River cruises  that kick off right from here. If you have ever wondered what all this hype about the Gordon River is, or why is it referred to as ‘nature’s mirror’, allow us to give you a sneak peek! Hold tight, it's going to be a wild ride! Literally.

Mirror, Mirror On The River

Gordon River’s mirror-like surface

One thing we can tell you for a fact is that you will not need a mirror while visiting the Gordon River, for the river itself is a long, liquid mirror. It is known for its exceptionally clear and pure water.

The river’s glassy surface remains so still, reflecting the vast blue sky, the majestic Huon Pines, and literally anything and everything that comes above it like a…yes, like a mirror. Can you imagine the photos you can get for the ‘gram?

The inky river is the colour of black tea. It's the result of a natural touch of tannins that flow into the river from the button grass plains nearby. This is nothing to be wary about; just a sign of a thriving ecosystem.

Embraced By The Wilderness

Visitors admiring Gordon River’s beauty

As you know, Gordon River is located in the most remote corner of Tasmania. And let us tell you, the wilderness around it is about as wild as it gets. With every turn in the river, you feel more connected to nature. As you wade through the river, time stands still. The serenity in the air is profound. The only sounds you can hear is of nature herself – the gentle rhythm of river lapping against your vessel or the occasional rustle of leaves.

The journey down the Gordon River is your ultimate encounter with Tasmania's pristine wilderness. The lush rainforest along the river is guaranteed to make you feel like you have stepped into a prehistoric world.

Tall Myrtle trees and Sassafras create a canopy that feels impossible to penetrate. Huon Pines that frame the river’s bank grow only here in the soggy southwestern corner of Tasmania. Some of these trees have seen more than 2,000 years pass by. You can see the green forest framing the blue sky reflected perfectly in the water; a scene that's nothing short of enchanting.

Furry And Feathered Friends

A Platypus in its natural habitat in Gordon River

The untamed Gordon River is full of cool species. Native platypuses, while a bit shy, can be a thrilling sight if you catch them in the water. Look out for Tasmanian Devils too!

You may see cute wallabies running around and who knows, probably may catch a few adorable pademelons checking out themselves in the river like it is their personal mirror. Echidnas, those spiky anteater guys, are there too.

Bird enthusiasts will love the majestic wedge-tailed eagles and vibrant black cockatoos that grace the region. And for those who like the smaller critters, there's a whole world of bugs and creatures waiting to be discovered in this unique world of wilderness.

Careful Conservation Efforts 

What makes Gordon River truly special is how undisturbed and untamed it is. The river’s untouched beauty provides a unique and awe-inspiring experience for visitors and makes it a symbol of nature's perfection. The Gordon River's "Nature's Mirror" status is the result of a combination of so many factors, including its crystal clear water, rich biodiversity, and the on-going conservation efforts.  The silent cruises are vital in making sure that the river surface is undisturbed and nature’s mirror stays so.

Over the years, the commitment to preserving this pristine environment has made it an exemplar of how natural wonders can be protected for future generations. Special measures have been made to maintain the quality of the river’s water as it is critical to the health of the ecosystem and the survival of aquatic life, including the native fish species.

Sustainable and responsible tourism practices are promoted to minimise the impact on the environment and wildlife.This is the Gordon River – a timeless treasure, home to a diverse set of species, a result of conservation efforts, and a sanctuary for all who seek solace in the embrace of the wild. It is not just a destination, it is a testament of what nature is capable of being, if it is allowed to thrive.