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Brisbane Whale Watching Cruise - Direct Redcliffe

Brisbane Whale Watching Cruise - Direct Redcliffe

Departure Details

  • Departure Redcliffe Jetty
  • Boards 09:00
  • Departs 10:00
  • Returns 14:30

Cruise Inclusions

  • 5+ hour whale watching cruise
  • Gourmet picnic lunch box
  • Large luxury catamaran
  • Informative live commentary
  • Large outer decks for viewing

whale watching cruises in brisbane for a whale of a time!

The capital city of the Sunshine State, Brisbane, is steadily becoming a popular Australian tourist destination. Brisbane continues to rise to the ranks of the quintessential Australian metropolitan cities rapidly, all while retaining its charm. Balmy Brisbane is a utopic subtropical paradise for the vibrant and youthful crowds that it plays host to. For the nature lovers, Australia as a whole, is a true mecca of flora and fauna, continuing to preserve and celebrate its biodiversity, acing the test of time. While there’s something for everyone in Australia’s hippest city- Brisbane whale watching cruises are a universally-loved activity across all age groups! Definitely one of the world’s greatest travel experiences featuring on almost every traveler's bucket list! 

Ecotourism is a sector that’s booming of late, and rightly so. Responsible for the ethical treatment of all animals, especially these endangered and vulnerable gentle giants, is of prime importance. Observe the leviathans of the deep in action, up close from a premium vantage point, without causing any distress or disturbance to their natural habitat. With over 18000 whales in the pristine waters of the Moreton Bay, it comes as no surprise that it is often touted as one of the world’s best whale-watching destinations to encounter these mighty dinosaurs of the deep! This opportunity is one that’ll leave you humbled by the beauty of nature & wildlife and with an increased awareness of all that surrounds us. With 100% guaranteed whale sightings, there’s little left to the imagination. 

Of all the great whales, Southern Humpback whales are the most commonly sighted on these Brisbane whale watching cruises. With a welcome disturbance of the placid waters and a burst of the salty sea spray, the Humpback whale surfaces to catch a breath on its weary migratory journey to and from its home in the Antarctic. As they chart their course along the warmer Australian waters, these majestic creatures feed, mate and play in the Moreton Bay, much to our delight as spectators. Being comparatively more surface-active to the other whales, these boisterous aquatic acrobats are always eager to put on a show for the spectators. The whales quite often breach out of the water, splashing the boat and everyone in it, displaying their grandeur for all to appreciate. More often than not, the Humpback whales put up a display worthy of being on your favourite travel channel, so you’d better keep your camera handy for what’s sure to ensue. 

With an extensive informative commentary on all the sightings from experts in the field and experienced crew members, Brisbane’s highest-rated whale watching cruise promises a memorable day. Assured whale sightings, a detailed informative commentary, premium lunch and on board concession and beverage counters - what more could one need? 

Whale Watching Cruises In Brisbane For A Whale Of A Time!