Brisbane Whale Watching Cruises

Whale watching season in Brisbane is from June to October – this is an exciting time of the year when the Humpback Whales make their way up the Queensland coastline as part of their annual migration. The arrival of the whales is celebrated throughout the east coast, and we reckon it is one of the greatest natural phenomena in the world.

The whales can be sighted from numerous vantage points on the shore, but for a closer and more special encounter, pick a Brisbane whale watching tour.

With the whale population increasing by the year, there is more traffic on the ‘Humpback Highway’ than ever. We have listed whale watching cruises that cater to different budgets, and offer a variety of tour inclusions and departure times. The cruises have been shortlisted based on their commitment to sustainability – ensuring they operate in a respectful manner, as the whales need to be protected from human interference.

Whale watching tours from Brisbane CBD and nearby jetties take you through the pristine waterways off the Queensland coastline to spot the gentle giants of the ocean – the Humpback Whales. As you unwind on a purpose-built boat and enjoy the roving scenery, keep an eye out for a splash! The whales like to put on a show and often you can sight them breach, roll over, tail slap, blow, rest and playfully socialise, all within arms reach of the boat.

On certain occasions, the whales become the watcher. Every now and then an inquisitive whale gets close to the boat, creating an unforgettable opportunity to see eye-to-eye with one of the largest animals on the planet. 

While you enjoy the company of your new friends, don’t forget to tune in to your skipper who will regale you with incredible whale tales for the complete whale watching experience.

Choose from the top whale watching tours in Brisbane today!

5Hr Whale Watching Adventure Tour

Luxury whale watching expedition to Moreton Bay with Capt. Kerry, the only woman who owns & operates a whale watching venture in the South Pacific.

Duration 5hr

From $150

8Hr Whale Watching Adventure- Ex Brisbane CBD

Join Captain Kerry aboard Brisbane’s only purpose-built whale watching vessel to see the Humpbacks whales. Guaranteed sightings from June-Nov!

Duration 8hr

From $195

5.5Hr VIP Lounge Whale Watching Adventure Tour

Cruise like a VIP with priority service on the ‘MV Eye Spy’ to see the Humpback whale migration – exclusive lounge behind Captain’s wheelhouse.

Duration 5hr

From $190