Vivid Sydney: A dazzling spectacle of creativity

Celebrate the world’s largest festival of lights, music and ideas in the heart of Sydney. With the turning of the seasons, the autumnal breeze brings a true celebration of the creative industry in the form of Vivid Sydney. The festival is a true intersection of art, technology and commerce. The metamorphosis of the urban Sydney landscape into a canvas of masterpieces, owing to the evolution in the light design industry, happens before our very eyes. This multi-day fete appeals to one and all due to its large-scale projections and multifaceted approach. Sydney becomes what can only be defined as the world’s largest outdoor art gallery. 

A Vivid Sydney dinner cruise is an ideal way to experience the grandeur of the festival. Catch a glimpse of the outdoor light installations and sculptures and compare it to the large-scale projections onto icons of the Sydney Harbour. The evocatively coloured sails of the Sydney Opera House and the magnificence of the virile Sydney Harbour is not dissimilar to living a lucid dream. A Vivid harbour cruise begets you a breathtaking vantage point, perfect for photo-ops, a sumptuous meal and memories to last a lifetime. View the striking Vivid Sydney Lights on board a luxury catamaran! Choose a package to suit your budget and preference, opting for either a buffet or a fine dining 3-course meal with an extensive beverage menu. Experience restaurant-style dining as you sail down Sydney Harbour begetting you a dynamic view! Steer clear of crowds thronging the harbour coastline and enjoy front-line access to unbelievable views. 

Vivid Sydney cruises offer the best of Sydney’s largest festival of lights, music and ideas. So what are you waiting for? Reserve a table on board a Vivid harbour cruise today!

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