The Best Coastal Adventure Tours in Coral Coast

Australia’s Coral Coast is a stunning stretch of breathtaking coastline that is home to beautiful bays, abundant wildlife, white sandy beaches and rugged landscapes. Some of the most coveted natural attractions in the country can be found along Coral Coast, including World Heritage areas. To explore this incredible corner of the world, hop aboard one of the Coral Bay eco tours and get an opportunity to reconnect with Mother Nature. We have some excellent Coral Bay Cruises that take you around the picturesque waterways to see the vibrant landscape teeming with wildlife and other natural attractions. 

Coral Coast is home to many endangered marine species such as loggerhead turtles, dugongs and more. You will also find some spectacular species on the Coral Coast Highway including Whale Sharks, Manta Rays and the Humpback whales. A manta ray tour in Coral Bay would be perfect for those who wish to have a closer look at these magnificent creatures of the ocean. 

If you’re adventurous and craving for a good adrenaline-fix, Coral Coast won’t disappoint you either. There are several coastal adventure tours in the area that offer amazing experiences such as Whales and Whale shark encounter tours, 4WD tours, snorkeling and so on. 

Get ready to immerse yourself in a day of fun, adventure and excitement at Coral Coast!

Coral Coast Cruise Experiences

Sightseeing Cruises

4 Cruises

From $70

Whale Watching Cruises

3 Cruises

From $120

Featured Cruises

7 Cruises

Coral Bay 1-hr Coral Viewing

Experience the abundance of marine life on board a glass-bottom boat without getting into the water. A 1-hr tour not to be missed.

Duration 1hr

From $70

3hr Coral Bay Turtle Eco Tour

An unequalled experience that combines coral viewing, fish feeding, and turtle spotting off the coast of Western Australia.

Duration 3hr

From $135

2 Hr Coral Viewing and Snorkeling

An unforgettable experience that includes cruising on the magnificent Coral Bay and snorkeling amongst amazing marine wildlife.

Duration 2hr

From $100

Marine Eco Safari (Manta Ray)

An unparalleled experience that combines ocean cruising and swimming with manta rays off the coast of Western Australia.

Duration 7hr

From $300

Coral Bay Whale Shark Safari

A very unique experience that combines ocean cruising and swimming with whale sharks off the coast of Western Australia.

Duration 9hr

From $565

3hr Whale Watching Tour

An incredible experience that offers an opportunity to see the whales in their natural habitat near Ningaloo Reef.

Duration 3hr

From $120

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