Wilderness Conservation By Gordon River Cruises

The serpentine channels of the Gordon River flow through the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Tasmanian Wilderness Area. Renowned as one of the most spectacular natural reserves in the world, this region is home to an array of natural and man-made gems including Sarah Island, Hells Gates, Macquarie Harbour, Heritage Landing, ancient rainforests, unique wildlife, pristine rivers, a Huon Pine ecosystem and more.


Why Protect It?

Conserving the Tasmanian Wilderness Area fuels the tourism economy while being good to Mother Earth. As with many unspoiled areas of our planet, the Tasman Wilderness Region faces the looming threat of environmental degradation. The urgency to protect this wilderness area isn’t merely to conserve a natural ecosystem, but to sustain an unparalleled experience for you. Housing such a breathtaking symphony of flora and fauna, this region invites people from around the planet to be part of its narrative. Hence, it is imperative that we minimise our interference and look after this place for a better tomorrow.

Fortunately, river cruise operators on Gordon River have taken on the mantle of conservators to ensure this natural wonder remains unspoiled for generations to come. 


River Cruises To The Rescue

A Gordon River cruise offers exclusive access to the river and wilderness region.

Gordon River is one of the most pristine rivers in Australia and a cruise along its mirror-like waters lets you explore a bygone era brimming with culture and heritage. The aim of the cruise operators is not only to share the heritage wilderness area with the outside world, but also to preserve it by reducing human footprint. An essential part of this is raising awareness. During a wilderness sightseeing cruise, guests are engaged with insightful and fascinating commentary. The guides on board take on the role of naturalists by weaving tales of the region’s flora, fauna and history. You become a student of nature with a more comprehensive understanding of the need for conservation.


‘Quiet’ Cruising Experiences

As part of eco-friendly operations, the vessels operating on the river ensure they are fuel efficient and maintain low carbon emissions. One operator introduced a world-first vessel with a hybrid engine for a silent drive experience on the river. This facilitates smooth transition from diesel to electric, resulting in quiet cruising, reduced fuel consumption and minimal impact on the environment.


Local Collaborations

The wildlife on the river and the wilderness area is mostly nocturnal, except for the birdlife. During a wilderness cruise on the Gordon River, you are likely to see white-bellied sea eagles or if real lucky, a shy platypus lurking on the riverbanks. Some cruise operators have collaborated with non-profit organisations like Wildcare Tasmania, who have made a mark in preserving and maintaining the unique flora and fauna of this region.


Saving Veteran Trees

The Huon Pines line up the banks of Gordon River and the wilderness area of south west Tasmania.

The banks of Gordon and Huon Rivers offer prime habitat for one of Tasmania’s oldest tree species, the Huon Pines. These 2000-year-old trees are victims of logging, climate change and other forms of human interference. Today, a beacon of hope shines through with collective efforts by government authorities and tourism operators. Cruises on Gordon River offer a guided boardwalk as part of their wilderness experiences, allowing you to get up close and personal with these ‘living fossils’. But, they take an extra effort to ensure that no trace of human intrusion is left behind.



The Tasmanian Wilderness Area is not just a land, but our land. The spotlight is now on you: will you join the chorus of conservation?

Here are a few ways you could contribute to this grand effort:
  • Like the guides on board the Gordon River cruises, share your know-how about the environment - your voice can be a powerful instrument to ignite change
  • When looking to explore natural wonders seek out operators that prioritise environmental conservation
  • While you embark on a guided boardwalk at Heritage Landing, be sure to not bring plastics or food items
  • Like a river cruise, you can join local communities and organise clean-ups, educational sessions and create ripples of awareness and action

Lastly, sustainability isn’t always about action, it’s a mindset. Make conscious decisions when the long-term effect on the environment is at stake. From consumption patterns to energy usage, let sustainability be your core value.