Whitsundays Full Day Tours

Sitting amidst the world-renowned Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsunday Islands boast incredible expanses of lush rainforests, world-class beaches, and azure waters sheltering the vibrant reef life! This group of 74 paradisiacal islands is a ‘must-see’ on everyone’s Australia bucket list, and only a full-day tour does justice to it.
A Whitsundays full-day tour lets you explore the island’s most popular beaches, discover hidden gems, snorkel at vibrant reef sites, and hike through popular trails in one action-packed experience. Choosing the right Whitsundays day tour can be a lucky dip, but not anymore! We have curated a shortlist of the best day trips that will help you experience the bounties of the islands at your own pace. 
While the full-day tours are all about exploring multiple sites in one day, you can choose a cruise that fits your needs based on budget, type of menu, sites visited, activities included etc. Most tours cover everything you need for the day including transportation, food and drinks, and equipment for activities like snorkelling.
As the islands are part of the incredible Great Barrier Reef, the tours usually include snorkelling to explore the colourful coral gardens and marine life. Encounter the gentle turtles, playful dolphins, the inquisitive rays, kaleidoscope of tropical fish, and much more! Accompanying guides will share fascinating insights into marine life and the region’s history and culture, enhancing your appreciation of the Whitsundays.
If you’re looking to slow it down, you can find a tour that incorporates more beach time, taking you to Whitehaven Beach, Hamilton Island, or both! You can also spend time exploring picturesque walking trails, hiking to a spectacular vantage point, or just simply laying down and soaking up the sun.
In short, our day trips to Whitsunday are perfect for those with limited time to make the most of the region and its attractions in a single day. So, book your seats with us for a thrilling day out at Queenlsand’s favourite holiday destination, and make memories to cherish forever!

9Hr Camira Sailing Adventure Whitsundays

The Whitsundays beckon as you sail the azure waters on the stunning Camira. The complete Whitehaven Beach tour – snorkel & hike to Hill Inlet lookout.

Duration 9hr

From $230 $259

10Hr Reef World Hardy Reef Exploration

Cruise beyond Whitsundays to Reefworld – a multi-level pontoon at the spectacular Hardy Reef! Snorkel, swim & explore this heritage-listed ecosystem.

Duration 10hr

From $259 $319

10Hr Hamilton Island Freestyle Boat Tour

Explore Hamilton Island, a uniquely Australian paradise, at your own pace. Swim at Catseye Beach, hike to Passage Peak, visit galleries & go shopping.

Duration 10hr

From $145 $156

10.5Hr Whitehaven Beach & Hamilton Island Tour

Discover two of Australia's best-loved destinations in one day. Eat, drink, shop on Hamilton Island, later - swim, hike or relax on Whitehaven Beach.

Duration 11hr

From $205

8Hr Whitehaven Beach And Hill Inlet Tour

Longest-running day tour to Hill Inlet & Whitehaven Beach with maximum time at each location. Classic Aussie Beach BBQ lunch included.

Duration 8hr

From $205

7Hr Wildcat Mackay Snorkel and Islands Tour

An adventure cruise on the brand-new Wildcat to discover the Paradise islands off the Mackay coast. Snorkel and paddle-board expeditions included.

Duration 7hr

From $209

8Hr ‘Lady Enid’ Langford Island Sail + Snorkel Cruise

Premium sail to Langford Island on the Lady Enid – for adults only. Snorkelling, illusion of ‘walking on water’, bush walks, fancy dining & service.

Duration 8hr

From $229 $259

10Hr ‘Lady Enid’ Whitehaven Beach Sail + Snorkel Cruise

Sailing luxury redefined with the best of Whitehaven Beach – sunbathe on the soft silica sand, walk to Hill Inlet lookout, deluxe lunch & snorkel tour.

Duration 10hr

From $269 $299

9Hr Viper Adventures Great Barrier Reef & Whitsundays

Only tour to take you to the Great Barrier Reef, Whitehaven Beach & Hill Inlet in one day! Jet boat rides, snorkelling & bush walks. Small groups.

Duration 9hr

From $311