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Valentines Day

Sydney dresses up in red on Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the air as Sydney celebrates Valentine’s Day along with the rest of the world. It’s supposedly the most romantic day of the year… deconstructing a myth to popularise the cherubic cupid wreaking havoc with people’s hearts with his ‘love-poisoned’ arrows. But, don’t try to rationalise the myth… if you’re looking for a reason to celebrate ‘love’, then Valentine’s Day it is!

So, join Sydney as it dresses up in hearts and colours of red and pink, to celebrate love, romance and friendship. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring the occasion; it could cost you dearly when you find yourself making last-minute plans!

Cards, chocolates, flowers and jewellery may probably never lose their charm, but you can always up the game with the novelty of memorable experiences. Sydney offers a variety of options for those looking to do something special with their partners, friends or family. Plan something with a hint of romance and adventure, and you could make it a night to remember!

You could choose to go on a romantic Sydney Harbour Cruise, watch a movie under the stars at the Open Air Cinema at Mrs Macquaries Point, enjoy the Twilight Concerts at Taronga Zoo or be a part of numerous other romantic and entertaining events the city has to offer. One person's poison is another's pleasure, so be sure to choose something that aims Cupid’s arrow straight at the heart of your loved one!

So, make Valentine’s Day plans well in advance… Sydney will not disappoint! Let’s give that naughty cherub something to do!

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