Seniors Week

It’s great to be a ‘Senior’ in Sydney!

New South Wales dedicates a whole week in March to its senior citizens, honouring them as integral members of a ‘society for all ages’. Seniors Week in Sydney is one of the largest events for seniors that celebrate their life, their achievements and their continued involvement in society.

The government and the community join hands to host events in varying fields such as entertainment, art, technology, health, wellness and sport to motivate seniors to participate and be independent, active and healthy. It’s definitely a wake-up call that negates the thinking that seniors should be relegated to the fringes of society and spreads awareness that their continued contribution to society is essential.

This year, seniors were recognised and honoured with the presentation of Local Achievement Awards for their invaluable contribution to their community – a gesture that truly validated their role in society!

A calendar of events, listing dates and timings, is made public, inviting all seniors to partake in the festivities. Walking tours, fitness workshops, gala concerts, film screenings, social media workshops, laughter workshops, cultural debates etc. are a few of the events that are exceedingly popular with the senior community.
These events encourage positivity in personality and disposition, and motivate seniors to stay fit and maintain good health. Seniors realise the importance of keeping their minds active and keeping pace with the world and developments in social media. Then, of course, nothing makes them smile more than the experience of reliving the good old days with music and movies of yesteryear!

Who knew being a senior in Sydney could be so much fun?

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