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New Years Eve

Sydney: The place to be on New Year’s Eve!

Sydney is one of the first cities in the world to usher in the New Year with such pomp and splendour that it has rightly been nicknamed the ‘New Year’s Eve Capital’ of the world. It has carved a niche for itself on a global platform for the extravagance of its celebrations and the brilliance of its fireworks. Millions of visitors from all over the world flock to Sydney to be part of a celebration that lights up the world with New Year magic.

Sydney celebrates the New Year during the peak of summer, making it the perfect venue for a great outdoor event. With picture perfect skies, you could spend the evening at a vantage point of your choosing and watch the sunset over the glittering waters of the Sydney Harbour, before the festivities begin.

At 9 pm, Sydney skies light up with a special fireworks display for children, families and others who find it difficult to stay out till midnight! There are a host of other events that happen in and around the harbour, including spectacular aerial displays with jaw-dropping stunts.

The New Year’s Eve Harbour of Light Parade showcases an illuminated fleet of over 40 vessels, trimmed with orange-coloured rope light, cascading down the Sydney Harbour – a visual treat like no other.

Then, of course, the grand finale! As the world and Sydney spectators watch with bated breath, the New Year countdown begins… At the stroke of midnight, the most spectacular fireworks explode into the night sky from the Sydney Harbour Bridge – a visually stunning canvas of patterns and colours!

So, choose a great vantage point along the Harbour or on a cruise vessel and bring in the New Year with the rest of Sydney!

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