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Hobart Sightseeing Cruises

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  • Boards 13:30
  • Departs 13:45
  • Returns 14:45

Go on this must-go Hobart South Route cruise and enjoy the tranquil ambience of the river along with intriguing commentary by the captain.

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  • Afternoon sightseeing cruise | 1hr 15min tour
  • Informative commentary | Panoramic views
  • Online Deal $28
  • Boards 10:45
  • Departs 11:00
  • Returns 12:00

Enjoy the splendid Hobart boat tour cruises through the North Route along the Derwent River catching spectacular vistas en route the Eastern Shor

More Details
  • North Route cruise| 1hr 15min | Coffee & hot chocolate
  • Scenic views | On board commentary
  • Online Deal $28

Hobart Sightseeing: Hobart River Cruises and plenty for the History buffs, Nature Lovers & Art-oholics

Hobart hosts a conglomeration of everything under the sun – right from scenic harbour views, delectable cuisine, modern architecture and festive parties to exceptional natural beauty, ancient cultural traits and inspiring art. What started off as a settlement of the semi-nomadic Mouheneener tribe, who are now known by the name 'Palawa', later turned into a colonial outpost for the British, and finally took the form of the dynamic city nestled in lush greens  –  the city we see today.

With endless number of diverse landmarks in a relatively small location, Hobart has ample tourist influx throughout the peak season of December, January and February. A lively food scene adds to the allure of this land of contrasts. One of the more luxurious ways to sightsee in the city is by booking a Hobart cruise. Catch the sights of the city from a unique vantage point on board a Hobart river cruise. 

Bring out the explorer in you as you discover native nature and wildlife, during walks and hikes at Mt. Wellington National Park, the natural reserve situated right at the doorstep of Hobart. A horse or mountain-bike ride will add a fun edge to your hike. You simply won’t get enough of the panoramic views of the city during a must-do hike up the Mt Wellington. 

Dreaming of embarking on a time-travel trip to a bygone era? Visit the Battery Point for just that. This archaic maritime village has a tight network of lanes, with ageless cottages lining its sides. With all the sights that the nearby Sandy Bay and South Hobart offer, Battery Point is a round-the-year hotspot for tourists. Add Salamanca Place & the Waterfront to your trip itinerary, marvel at the classic sandstone warehouses and nearby wharves and drop into one of the many restaurants or food joints lining the streets for a hearty snack or brunch.

If you are an ‘art-oholic’, the capital city of Tasmania also houses a museum in MONA & Northern Hobart. MONA, the thought-provoking Museum of Old and New Art, is an easily identifiable structure standing on a pan-shaped peninsula projecting into the Derwent River. With an extensive and unique art collection, the food at the museum is also to die for. Further, the nearby Moorilla winery is a great place to procure local wines from adjacent vineyards.

Hobart will surely not disappoint, whether you are visiting it for the first time or the tenth! Make the most of it!

Hobart Sightseeing: Hobart River Cruises and plenty for the History buffs, Nature Lovers & Art-oholics

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