Easter Show

‘Rural’ meets ‘Urban’ at the Sydney Easter Show

The Sydney Royal Easter Show is an event like no other where ‘rural meets urban’ and ‘country meets city’! It’s an event where the rural industries of New South Wales are given their day in the sun to showcase their stock, produce and skills that set them apart from their competitors.

This agricultural show is Australia’s largest event that celebrates the best of what the country has to offer and is conducted over two weeks around Easter time. At this festive carnival, rural vendors and craftsman have the opportunity to display their livestock, produce and merchandise and they are judged on the quality of the breed and the intrinsic skill used in production.

Besides livestock and produce, there are competitions in art and craft, cookery, photography, polo and rodeo riding, not to mention wood chopping, where men are judged on their inherent strength and skill. This event also sets the stage for accredited dog shows, cat shows, as well as stage and arena shows that draw thousands of spectators.

With an amusement park, a horticultural exhibition, eateries and an array of interesting shopping outlets, the Easter Show attracts over a million people spread over two weeks.

The agricultural industry attaches a great deal of importance to a vendor’s performance at the show. To win the coveted Sydney Royal Champion, Grand Champion, Supreme Champion or Best in Show is considered a mark of excellence and achievement. The winners are rewarded with the Sydney Royal Award Artwork that can extremely beneficial in promoting their business, advertising and packaging.

The Easter Show is an event that straddles the best of both rural and urban Australia, a must-experience if you’re in Sydney around that time!

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