Earth Hour

Its ‘lights out’ in Sydney during Earth Hour!

Sydney is home to the conception of ‘Earth Hour’, an initiative that was born in 2007 out of a burning desire to encourage people to acknowledge their responsibility towards creating a sustainable future.

What started in Sydney as a gesture of solidarity with the environment has now turned into global movement with more than 154 countries pledging their commitment to preserving a green world. Earth Hour is observed on the last Saturday in March at 8:30 pm in local time zones across the world, when millions of cities and home-owners turn off the lights for a whole hour.
Iconic buildings and landmarks that dot the continents of the world stand tall in darkness during Earth Hour. The Sydney skyline plunges into darkness with the lights going out on the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and a host of other landmarks across the city. Considering the gravity of the environmental crisis on our hands, thousands of schools, businesses, clubs, communities and sporting groups also show solidarity with Earth Hour.

Sydney is extremely passionate about initiating action on climate change and this passion filters down to individual families too, who do their bit by staying indoors and enjoying dinner around a candle-lit table. This, in turn, encourages family conversations that create awareness about conserving resources and preserving Mother Earth.
The World Wide Fund for Nature that organises the annual Earth Hour event not only aims at curbing the degradation of the environment, but also focuses on encouraging the world to live in harmony with nature.

Earth Hour may seem like a token ‘green’ gesture that gets lost in the ocean of degradation, but to Sydney, it is a stepping stone towards working with a global community to create real and lasting action on climate change!

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