Christmas in July

Sydney celebrates a ‘White’ Christmas in July

Christmas in July is a celebration that has become increasingly popular in countries Down Under to make up for their lack of a snowy winter wonderland in December!

Sydney celebrates Christmas Day during the peak of summer in December with beers and barbeques, thus losing out on the snowy experience, the warmth of fireplaces decorated with Christmas stockings, eggnog, hot roast lunches and insanely rich Christmas puddings.

Legend has it that an Irish group living in Sydney’s Blue Mountains first initiated the practice of Christmas in July because they so missed a ‘White Christmas’. Today, everyone’s looking for a reason to celebrate and what better way to do so in snowy July than to mimic the experience of Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere!

And, this is no mundane celebration – it has all the trimmings of a traditional Christmas – replete with decorated Christmas trees, fairly lights and bon bons, stockings and gifts! Families and friends come together, prepare a traditional feast and all table novelties associated with the spirit of the festival. And, it’s not just the material trimmings; the Christmas sentiments of love, peace, joy and goodwill are relived in July during all the social events and gatherings!

Hotels, restaurants, lodges, clubs and cruises have all jumped on the ‘Christmas in July’ bandwagon, planning events and entertainment that gift Sydney the truly magical experience of a ‘White Christmas’!
So, why not join in the revelry and celebrate Christmas in July with friends and family?