Brisbane Dolphin Watching cruises

Get ready to meet the pods of Bottlenose Dolphins residing in the waters around Moreton Island. A dolphin watching cruise in Brisbane is the perfect choice to meet these intelligent and playful marine creatures in their natural habitat. 

We’ve handpicked the very best dolphin cruises in Brisbane just for you. Most Dolphin and Tangalooma Wrecks cruises go beyond simple dolphin encounters, offering additional activities such as snorkelling, kayaking, and other exciting water-based adventures.

While on board, keep a keen eye out for other marine life, as the coral gardens of Tangalooma Wrecks are a bustling haven for fascinating oceanic creatures.

So, do not pass up this amazing opportunity to meet dolphins face-to-snout!  Book your tickets now to create unforgettable memories with adorable dolphins!


Dolphin & Tangalooma Wrecks Moreton Bay - VIP Cruise

A private Captain’s Lounge cruise on the ‘Spirit of Migaloo II’ to discover the Tangalooma Wrecks. Enjoy snorkelling, kayaking & dolphin sightings.

Duration 8hr

From $230 $250

Dolphin & Tangalooma Wrecks Day Cruise

Snorkel and discover the 15 shipwrecks of Tangalooma. Enjoy kayaking and lunch, keeping an eye out for the bottlenose dolphins of Moreton Bay.

Duration 8hr

From $195 $209