A Sneak Peek Into Cruising Along Wineglass Bay

In the heart of Tasmania, nature has sculpted a crescent-shaped paradise with white quartz sands, granite peaks, and oh-so blue waters. Now it’s one of the signature postcard images when you search for Tasmania on google. Welcome to Wineglass Bay, Tasmania, dubbed one of the top ten beaches in the world. Here, it’s all about those laid-back holiday vibes, crowned with the magic of remoteness and lush landscapes.

cruising along wineglass bay

This bucket-list worthy destination is part of the incredible Freycinet National Park and is an easy 3-hour drive from Hobart. It's no secret that Wineglass Bay and Freycinet are quite the attention-grabbers, and there are numerous ways to explore them. But like the locals say, “You haven't really seen Freycinet until you've seen it from a cruise.” So, cruise on, and enjoy the view!

Where views reach a crescendo

Freycinet wineglass bay

You’ll be blown away by the picture-postcard views of the sandy white beaches, turquoise waters and rugged peaks of Wineglass Bay, be it your first visit or your fifth! Sure, you can hit up the walking trails through Freycinet to epic lookout spots for some spectacular aerial views of the beach. But it holds no candle to an on-water perspective of the beach and surroundings, from a Wineglass Bay cruise! And let’s be real, not everyone might be capable of doing a two to four hour hike, so there’s your clear pick!

Cruise by giga rock formations

The signature half-day cruises will take you on an exciting adventure from Coles Bay along the stunning East Coast, showcasing the true beauty of Wineglass Bay at every turn. The pink granite formations along the Hazards Range are so charming that you won’t be able to take your eyes off them. They’ve been carved by the forces of nature over the years, resulting in a dramatic landscape that is now one of the go-to backdrops for artists and photographers. A cruise will take you right up to these massive rock formations, letting you take a peek into its every nook and cranny. 

See the seabed through the crystal waters

turqoise water in wineglass bay

We can all nod in agreement that one of the most striking features of Wineglass Bay is its waters. During a cruise there’ll be a time when the boat anchors at a secluded cove, often for lunch. It is rumoured that if you look into the water, you can see all the way down to the sea bed. Fish of all shapes and sizes dart beneath the surface and if you’re really lucky you might even post a curious seal popping its head above the water!

Encounter more than a fish

albatrosses in wineglass bay

Wineglass Bay is not just rocks and water. It’s a haven for a variety of wildlife. During your scenic cruise, you’ll likely spot dolphins, and fur seals playing around in their natural habitat. It’s like a wildlife documentary playing out in front of you! And for all you bird lovers, this place is a birdwatcher’s dream. Gulls, albatrosses, you name it and you’ll see them! It’s safe to say that your cruise would be incomplete without your trusty cameras and binoculars!

Kick back with the pros

On most Wineglass Bay cruises, you've got some local pros on deck. They’re not just your guides; they’re your storytellers. They'll drop some serious info about the area's history, ecology, and geography, giving your sightseeing adventure an extra layer of understanding. You'll get the lowdown on the early explorers, the land’s indigenous heritage, and all the conservation hustle happening in the region. It's like unlocking a whole new level of love for the bay!

Choose from two popular duos

If you've read this far, we know what's probably on your mind – booking that Wineglass Bay boat tour. But first, you've got a choice to make. You gotta choose from two different packages. The Vista Lounge includes a ploughman’s style lunch and has spacious outer decks for easy viewing. Oh, they also have a bar on board! The Sky Lounge on the other hand is all about that VIP vibe. We’re talking adults-only private lounge with exclusive access to the captain’s flybridge, and a private viewing deck. Plus, the lunch is a seafood lover's dream, paired with top-notch Tassie wines and artisan bread. Decisions, decisions!

A laid-back cruise, where you can enjoy a glass of local tassie wine paired with a gourmet lunch, is truly a remarkable way to see Wineglass Bay, and a bit of spoiling for yourself.

Know before you cruise

Well, nothing can stop you from having the time of your life on one of these cruises, but there are a couple things to keep in mind before you hop on board.
  • Make sure you dress warmly and wear comfy kicks
  • Arrive before or on time the departure location
  • Although the boats are custom-built to cruise on Wineglass Bay waters, it is always safe to carry some type of pills for seasickness
  • Avoid drinking too much on board; you don’t want to have all eyes on you
Tick all or most of the above and you’re in for an adventure of a lifetime, minus the hassles!

Always Asked Questions

While it’s as simple as book and cruise, there can be causes for confusion. We’ll address some common ones.
  • Which is the best time to go on a cruise on Wineglass Bay?
    The bay looks stunning all year. Though, if you wanna avoid crowds, you can visit during Spring or Autumn. Keep in mind the cruise doesn’t run on Christmas Day.
  • Are the vessels safe?
    The Schouten Passage II is a world-class Tassie-built vessel with a comfortable seating layout and spacious outer decks with sturdy railings. You’ll feel confident right when you step aboard.
  • Are there age restrictions on a Wineglass Bay cruise?
    There are no age restrictions for the Vista Lounge seating. Sky Lounge is exclusively for adults.
And finally,

Are Wineglass Bay cruises worth it?

sky view of wineglass bay

Fair dinkum worth it! You get to soak in the amazing views, see unique wildlife, learn from local guides, and it's super convenient for everyone. Plus, it's a photographer's dream! Just keep an eye out for weather forecasts to make the most of your day. Even if you’ve been to Wineglass Bay before, even if you have seen the beach from the summit of an uphill lookout, a cruise on these serene channels is something everyone should do, more than once!