Tassie Trails: Best Ways To Do The Tasman Peninsula

Located a mere hour and a half drive away from Hobart, Tasman Peninsula is a ‘must-visit’ on any Australian itinerary. From multi-day hiking on the famous Three Capes Track and exploring an ancient penitentiary at night to cruising the coastline or chasing the Aurora Australis, there’s a whole lot of adventure awaiting you!

Grab a hot cuppa and read along as we uncover the best ways to experience the Tasman Peninsula in Tasmania.

Join an award-winning cruise

Wilderness cruise along the stunning Tasman coastline

A boat tour is the perfect choice to uncover the windswept landscapes of the Tasman Peninsula. With options like the renowned Tasman Island Cruises, you can glide past the highest vertical sea cliffs, discover mysterious sea caves and spot migratory shorebirds, seals and dolphins (even whales during the right season).

Hop on a chopper

Bird’s eye view of the Tasman Peninsula

Take to the skies for a bird’s eye view of the Tasman Island National Park. From the highest vantage, enjoy 360° views of the landscapes – the iconic Three Capes Track and the secluded bays and untouched wilderness below. Some operators have exclusive access to land on a high plateau – imagine having this remote location all by yourself!

Hike for days

Lace up your boots for a multi-day hike along a network of scenic trails. The Three Capes Track is one of Australia’s best walking trails, starting from Port Arthur along Cape Pillar and Cape Hauy to Fortescue Bay. During this 4-day, 48 km trek, you’ll traverse ancient forests, ascend rugged cliffs and soak in panoramic views of the Southern Ocean. It's one of the top things to do in Tasman Peninsula for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike. 

PS: Time your visit in winter to increase your chances of catching the iconic Aurora Australis (Southern Lights).

Dive underwater

Vibrant sponge gardens just off mainland Tasmania

Plunge into the crystal-clear waters surrounding Tasman Peninsula for an underwater adventure! Discover colourful reefs and sponge gardens teeming with marine life, explore the mysterious wreck of ‘SS Nord’ and experience the thrill of swimming alongside seals, dolphins, sea dragons and more! It’s one of the most underrated Hobart water activities.

There you have it! The Tasman Peninsula is calling and it's high time you answer! Whether you're cruising the coast with Tasman Island Cruises, soaring through the skies, trekking the trails or diving the depths, there's something for everyone in this Tasmanian gem. Pack your bags now!

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