Fall In Love With Hobart’s Great Outdoors

The best thing about Hobart is that you don’t have to travel far to immerse yourself in the wilderness; nature spills into this beautiful city and blends seamlessly with the old-town charm it boasts. Here, you'll find yourself surrounded by lush forests, rugged coastlines, and pristine beaches, all just a stone's throw away from your morning coffee spot. Talk about convenience. So, come on board! Let's fall in love with the things to see in Hobart’s great outdoors and have fun doing so!

Timeless Tasman Island

Tasman Island in Tasmania’s treasure trove stands out as an ideal haven for adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike. The best part is that this incredible island is just a skip and hop away from Hobart!

Tasman Island in Tasmania

With its towering dolerite sea cliffs that drop dramatically into the Southern Ocean, the striking Cape Pillar is Tasman Island’s most iconic feature. If you pride a brave heart, explore the hiking trails that lead to the Cape Pillar lookout, which allows you to take in the breathtaking panoramic views of the rugged coastline and the Tasman Peninsula. Hobart boat tours along the island’s coastline provide a unique perspective of the cliffs and the opportunity to explore the island's maritime history with visits to the Tasman Island lighthouse. And, guess what? Some even include a trip to Hobart's historic Port Arthur! Two adventures in one!

Now, let's talk about the real stars of Tasman Island – the adorable birdies! Say hello to little penguins and colourful fairy prions, among other charming feathered friends. Birdwatching here is an absolute delight.

Truly, your Hobart trip is incomplete without a visit to Tasman Island.

Majestic Mt. Wellington

Hobart could easily grace the front of a postcard, thanks to its mesmerising backdrop. The one and only Mt. Wellington, also known as kunanyi in the indigenous language of Palawa Kani, dominates the skyline of the city. You can take a bus, drive or cycle to get to the top of the mountain. In case you are a hiking enthusiast, there are many picturesque trails leading up to the mountain peak. Trust us, the journey to the peak is an experience in itself!

The view of Hobart from Mt. Wellington

When you finally reach the summit, take a deep breath, for the scene that opens up before you is a living, breathing canvas. To the east, see the vibrant city of Hobart standing in striking contrast to the vistas of rolling hills, dense forests, and meandering river to the west. The view of the city is just as stunning from the mountaintop as the peak itself is from the city! If you are someone looking to be moved by the beauty of nature, know that kunanyi delivers.

Breathtaking Bruny Island

A 20-minute ferry ride away from Hobart awaits the incredible Bruny Island. Pack your sense of adventure, because Bruny Island is definitely going to sweep you off your feet with its untouched landscapes, adorable wildlife, and a bunch of experiences that'll make your heart dance.

Bruny Island lookout point

The ideal way to enjoy the island’s rugged charm is with Hobart cruises along the coastline. Picture this: towering cliffs, hidden caves, playful seal colonies, and a flock of seabirds—all seen from the vantage point of turquoise waters. It's like an adventure straight out of a storybook!

You have to check out the local goodies of Bruny Island too! They serve oysters as fresh as they can be and cheese cheesier than a bad pick up line (in a good way!). And, oh the chocolates! One should never forget the chocolates here (one definitely can’t)!

If you are an adventurer at heart, Bruny Island has got that too! Explore the island’s diverse terrain with activities like hiking, kayaking, and quad biking. Once you are here, you will certainly enjoy the diverse experiences the island offers amidst its wild and captivating beauty.

Heavenly Huon Valley

If you ever get tired of Hobart’s bustles and hustles, head to the charming Huon Valley! Huon Valley is the apple of Tasmania’s eye. Quite literally! The Huon River meandering through the valley has blessed the region with the most fertile soil. Ta-da, here pops up the apple orchards! If you visit during the harvest season, you can pick your own apples straight from the tree, sip on the locally-made cider, and indulge in the loveliest of cheeses.

A cruise docked at Huon Valley

The Huon River is so much fun too! You can indulge in some fishing fun, cruise to enjoy the beauty of the valley from the waters on a cruise or rent a kayak! Scenic drives, hiking trails, and delicious local produce make this valley a true Tasmanian treat. So, come take a big bite!

In short, there are so many things to do in Hobart and the great outdoors in and around the city is the most extraordinary of it all. From the iconic Tasman Island to the enchanting Huon Valley, this region is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and explorers alike. So, come and immerse yourself in the unparalleled natural beauty embracing the city!