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Sydney celebrates ‘One Land, One People’

A public holiday that’s celebrated on 26th January, Australia Day provides Sydneysiders an opportunity to celebrate the Australian spirit with the rest of the community. People from all communities come together on this day to set aside their differences and celebrate the vibrant diversity of their country in unity. Sydney Harbour booms with life on this day with events happening everywhere and with Australia Day Sydney Harbour cruises! Overflowing with life, Sydney Harbour therefore becomes the definitive hub of festivities with amazing harbour events to celebrate the day. 

Australia Day cruises on Sydney Harbour provide the perfect opportunity to watch the events of the day. Since the streets of Sydney get crowded all too soon, you might not be able to position yourself at a good vantage point! That is why it is best to avoid land at all, and go on a cruise away from the overcrowded streets. Our lunch cruises gives you front-row seats to events such as the colourful Ferrython, Tall Ships race, 21 Gun Salute, aerial flyovers and more! See these events up close and unlike ever before on land on your lunch cruise! Enjoy your drinks as you feast on an extravagant meal, and watch the Australian Army, Navy & the Royal Air Force pay tribute to their glorious nation! Go on the lunch cruise to avoid boring stagnant views by the harbour and get to see more of the events up close! Be relaxed while you enjoy a sumptuous meal and your favourite beverage and stay away from the crowded streets of Sydney Harbour!

Australia Day dinner cruises on the other hand, are the best way to end an eventful day providing a relaxed setting for a meal and drinks along with some good company. The day events on 26th January may seem too stressful for some which is exactly why you should take some time off to relax and spend some time for yourself. After enjoying the sights and events of the day, unwind on a dinner cruise. Indulge in a restaurant quality meal as you watch the fabulous views of Sydney Harbour at night. With incredible views and good food coupled with your favourite beverage, You get the complete package to end your Australia Day celebrations on Sydney Harbour!

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to find a good spot to view the celebrations on Australia Day from, or if you’re done with the day and would like to relax for a bit, Sydney Harbour cruises on Australia Day are the best option you could go for! With exciting offers and range of pricing, there is a cruise for everyone at Sydney Harbour!


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