South West Bremer Bay Whale Watching Cruises

Bremer Bay is a small coastal hamlet on Australia’s South West coast, located only a couple of hours drive away from Albany. About 70 kilometres offshore lies the Bremer Canyon, a marine playground and hunting ground for hundreds of orcas (killer whales). From the months of January to mid-April, the orcas frequent the nutrient-rich waters of this region to feed and breed, making it the best time to see them up close! A whale watching tour from Bremer Bay is your ticket to guaranteed sightings of this apex predator of the ocean.

We have curated the best orca tours in Bremer Bay that offer you the thrilling opportunity to see eye-to-eye with these formidable whale hunters. You'll see pods of orcas in close proximity to the vessels, swiftly manoeuvring through the waters, sometimes leaping out of the water or simply hanging around with their family. 

Most Bremer Bay whale watching tours are guided by experts, who know these waterways and marine life like the back of their hand – learn about the orcas and their unique behaviour! It’s a one-of-a-kind experience to get so close to these majestic animals – book a tour with us for this exclusive opportunity!
A purpose-built vessel in search of the orcas of Bremer Bay Canyon


8Hr Naturaliste Bremer Canyon Killer Whale (Orca) Expedition

Come face-to-face with the killer whales of Bremer Bay Canyon. Small group adventure tour on the ‘Alison Maree’ departing daily from December-April.

Duration 8hr

From $399

Three orcas leaping out of the water


7Hr Bremer Bay Orca Experience

Meet Bremer Bay Orcas on this award winning killer whale tour. Fastest vessel to sighting grounds, expert research team, listen to whale songs & more.

Duration 7hr

From $385