Port Douglas Outer Great Barrier Reef Cruises

A visit to Port Douglas is truly fulfilling only when you explore the magnificent Great Barrier Reef. For those of you adventurers seeking the ultimate Great Barrier Reef experience, a cruise to the Outer Reef is an absolute must!
The Outer Great Barrier Reef marks the boundary of the reef system where it meets the vast expanse of the open ocean. As this part of the ocean remains mostly untouched, the water here is incredibly clear, allowing you to clearly see the most vibrant corals and unique marine life. 
There are many fantastic Reef tours from Port Douglas that take you to the edge of the wall to see the most enchanting underwater world ever. To help you choose the perfect experience, we have curated the perfect list of Port Douglas Great Barrier Reef tours.
A cruise to the Outer Great Barrier Reef will definitely be one of the most scenic sailing experiences you will ever enjoy. As the vessel takes you towards the reef, brace yourself to be mesmerised by the alluring beauty of the Daintree Rainforest and also look out for Snapper Island. 
At the Outer Reef, swim with turtles and other curious marine creatures in the crystal-clear water. Most operators have exclusive access to pristine snorkelling sites. Embrace this golden opportunity and jump in to admire the complex coral gardens in person. In case you wish to have a different perspective of the corals, choose a cruise that provides glass-bottom boat rides. 
Most cruises have an expert marine biologist or reef guide on board. With their expertise at your disposal, these experiences not only offer a visual feast but also provide valuable insights into the importance of preserving this remarkable natural wonder.
Port Douglas truly offers a gateway to an enchanting underwater world, making it a destination like no other for those seeking an unforgettable journey into the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. Exploring the Outer Great Barrier Reef is the pinnacle of this adventure! Book your tickets today.

9Hr Sailaway Mackay Coral Cay Reef Tour

Sail away on the only cruise with access to the coral cays of Mackay Reef. Small group tour accompanied by snorkel expert & marine biologist.

Duration 9hr

From $350