Gold Coast Jet Boat Adventures

Jet boating in Gold Coast is the number-one, high-octane experience for thrill-seekers. A jet boat ride on the Gold Coast waters offers the perfect dose of adrenaline, while navigating past some of the city’s most iconic waterfront landmarks. 

We have shortlisted the best Gold Coast jet boat rides to make your life easier – from heart-pounding 30-minute rides to longer trips with a bit of sightseeing thrown into the mix. All rides are maxed out on the thrill metre, so no matter which jet boat ride you choose, you’re in for some serious fun! 

Jet boating Gold Coast is complete with exhilarating stunts and epic manoeuvres! Your expert (and cool) captain will perform 360° spins, slides, power-brake stops, and nose dives, reaching top speeds over 80 km/h! Prepared to get soaked! 

Most jet boat rides leave from Surfers Paradise or Main Beach and depending on the tour, you’ll zoom past popular checkpoints – islands, beaches, marine parks – all ‘jet’ against the stunning city skyline! If you’re lucky, you might also spot some of the resident wildlife! 

These jet boat rides in Gold Coast also give out free photos of your adventure as a souvenir! So, if you’re looking for some jet boating fun, you’re in the right place! Choose your ride from down below and book now! PS: it’s the perfect experience for groups!
GC Jet boat roaring through the Gold Coast waterways with the city skyline in the backdrop


30 Min Rapid Jet Boat Ride

Speed down the Gold Coast waterways with 360° spins, high-speed slides and fish-tailing on this thrilling jet boat ride - heart-stopping fun assured.

Duration 30 Min

From $63

Jet Boat Xtreme slicing through the waters in Gold Coast


55 Min Jet Boat Extreme Ultimate Ride

Buckle-up for ‘maximum fun in minimum time’ on the Gold Coast waterways! Enjoy this ultimate ride at 80 km/h – 360° spins, slides & twists.

Duration 55 Min

From $85

Jet boat adventure in Gold Coast taking guests on for a rollercoaster ride


1Hr Jet Boat Adventure Ride

Join this leading jet boat specialist on a 35km jet boat adventure – fast boat, more thrills; access to Moreton Bay Marine Park & Sovereign Island.

Duration 1hr

From $79

Paradise Jet boat ride in Gold coast zooming past the scenic natural landscapes


30Min Jet Boat ‘Express’ Blast Ride

See if you have what it takes to survive this 20km express jet boat ride as you twist, turn, and slide your way along the Gold Coast Broadwater.

Duration 30 Min

From $63

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