Broome Whale Watching Cruises

Kimberley in Western Australia plays host to the world’s largest population of Humpback Whales and is one of the best whale watching destinations in Australia. This is why whale watching in Broome is a must-do attraction for both locals and visitors. Can you imagine a more magical experience than watching these 45-tonne ocean giants leaping out of the water, momentarily defying gravity, before plunging right back into the ocean – all within metres away! That’s what Broome whale watching is all about!

From July to September, the Humpbacks pass by Broome as part of their northern migration. During this time, you can witness a mix of playful behaviours that includes thrilling breaches, tail slaps, spyhops, and other playful antics, as well as tender nurturing lessons between mother and her calves. 

The Broome waters are also home to sea turtles, dugongs and sea birds! You may also be lucky enough to spot Blue Whales or Southern Right Whales! Some Broome whale watching tours culminate with a splendid sunset watching cruise – it’s easy to see why it's a must-do experience in Broome! So, if you’re down to meet the gentle giants of the ocean, book a cruise with us!   

5Hr Whale Watching & Sunset Cruise

Come face-to-face with the magnificent Humpback Whales along the Broome coastline. Enjoy boomnet swimming, and a sunset cruise to finish.

Duration 5hr

From $165 $185

4Hr Broome Whale Watching & Sunset Cruise

Enjoy an intimate and eco-friendly experience that combines whale watching with a sunset cruise in Broome. Canapés, fruit platter & drinks included.

Duration 4hr

From $170