Broome Sunset Cruises

Broome sunsets are renowned for their magical beauty, but experiencing one aboard a cruise on the golden waters elevates the experience. As swirls of pinks and oranges paint the sky, create unforgettable memories aboard one of the best Broome sunset cruises.

Browse through our list of sunset cruises in Broome and choose one that seems the most appealing to you. It is also important to decide whether you want an intimate small group experience or a more social, large group one.

Each of these sunset cruises offer you a unique experience. Some cruises allow you to take a refreshing dip in the ocean before setting out to witness a stunning sunlight, enjoy a fun-filled boomnet adventure, provide an interesting live pearl harvest and interactive pearling demonstration and much more. 

Rest assured, our cruises ensure you have the best possible view of the sunset in Broome. Keep an eye out for the local wildlife. If you are lucky, you may spot some friendly dolphins, giant whales, and cute turtles, depending on the season! 

Imagine feasting your eyes on an unforgettable sunset, munching delicious nibbles and enjoying your favourite drink. Now that is a memory to cherish forever! Secure your tickets now for a delightful evening, accompanied by the lovely backdrop of a breathtaking Broome sunset. 

4Hr Roebuck Bay Sunset Cruise

Afternoon cruise experience in Roebuck Bay on board ‘Orcaella’, a power catamaran, combining stunning views of Broome sunset and swimming.

Duration 4Hr

From $135

4Hr Willie Pearl Lugger Sunset Cruise

Experience blue water sailing in Broome with breathtaking views of the sunset aboard Willie between Rose Buck Bay and idyllic Cable Beach

Duration 4hr

4Hr Broome Sunset, Seafood & Pearling Cruise

Showcasing the best of Broome, enjoy a 7-course seafood menu, free-flowing drinks, a live pearling demo & a stunning sunset aboard the Crusader III.

Duration 4hr

5Hr Whale Watching & Sunset Cruise

Come face-to-face with the magnificent Humpback Whales along the Broome coastline. Enjoy boomnet swimming, and a sunset cruise to finish.

Duration 5hr

From $160