Island Paradise Unveiled: The Best Of Whitsundays

“If you visit a new beach in Australia everyday for the rest of your life, it would take more than 32 years to see them all”

The 74 stunning islands of the Whitsundays are like emeralds scattered on a sapphire-blue ocean. A favourite among the Australians and a dream destination for tourists, this aquatic playground is loved by beach-goers, snorkelers, fishing enthusiasts, thrill-seekers and resort-aficionados. If a trip to these paradisiacal islands is on the cards, then here’s what you need to know about them! 

Must-see & Must-dos

people enjoying sailing in whitsundays

Sailing and Whitsundays is a winning combination. Of the 74, only 8 of the islands are inhabited including Daydream, Hamilton, Lindeman, Whitsunday among others. This means the 60+ other islands are completely untouched and are simply waiting to be explored – the best way to do so is by going on one of the Whitsunday cruises or sailing tours. Pretty much all sailing tours visit the iconic Whitehaven Beach, the former being the most photographed beach in Australia.

Other must-see spots around the islands include the Hill Inlet Lookout, Hook and South Molle Islands, the unmissable Hardy and Heart Reefs, Mt. Rooper and Cedar Creek. And, from snorkelling, diving and jet boating to bush walking, crocodile safaris, and scenic flights, the things you can do here are endless.

Proximity to the Great Barrier Reef

snorkeling in the whitsundays

The icing on the cake is the close proximity to the iconic Great Barrier Reef, the largest single structure ecosystem on the planet. Here, you can actually find Nemo yourself! Snorkelling in the Whitsundays should be inevitable in your itinerary. Imagine gliding through the azure waters in your snorkel gear as stunning schools of fish like the Trevally, Maori Wrasse, Clownfish, and Parrotfish, gracefully swim right beneath you. You might even catch a turtle, ray, or a dolphin lurking around, going about their business in their natural habitat. Seasonal visitors include the mighty Humpback Whales and Whale Sharks!

Tours from Airlie

Whitehaven beach whitsundays

Airlie Beach is your base to explore everything there is to the Whitsundays. This seaside town is brimming with a vibrant outdoor lifestyle, amazing nightlife, eclectic dining experiences, shopping, and of course, adventures! There’s a tour that fits all types of travellers – jet boats, classic sailing experiences, snorkel and dive tours, sunset cruises, fishing charters, cultural expeditions, bareboat charters, and so on! 

Whitehaven Beach - Why should you visit this magical beach?

People enjoying a full day tour on whitehaven beach

For those with limited time, a visit to Whitehaven is a no-brainer. Whitehaven Beach tours are the best way to see and do the most. The tours either include a full day exploration of the beach or incorporate some beach time to your itinerary along with other activities and destinations. The splendid stretches of sand made of 98% pure silica, dotted with lush vegetation, and bordered by sparkling blue waters offer the perfect setting to just lay down, enjoy the sun and contemplate life (or not)! 

Pro tip: Don’t forget your sunscreen!

If you’re feeling adventurous, take the bush-walking trail to the Hill Inlet Lookout and enjoy panoramic views over the Hook and Cayman Islands. The walk is a bit challenging but the views are more than rewarding! Another ethereal island attraction is the ‘walk on water’ phenomenon! The long sand pit during high tides will give off the illusion that you’re actually walking on water! Magical enough?!

The Whitsundays await…

Whitsundays is all about swimming, snorkelling, and sailing – just picture yourself in your beach attire, with a drink in hand, enjoying the endless views and turquoise waters that envelope the islands. Who wouldn’t sign up for that!? We offer some of the most exciting tours on the Whitsundays Islands. Why us? We have sifted through the best cruises to ensure that these experiences will hold a special place in your heart (and cameras!).

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