In Conversation with Maria (Island)

Dear readers, today we embark on a journey that is nowhere near ordinary. You see, we have scored an interview of a lifetime – a face-to-face (or rather blog-to-island) chat with the one and only Maria Island!

You must be wondering: "How can an island answer your questions? Has Maria been blessed with the gift of gabs?" Well, the answer is imagination.  With some good imagination, everything is possible. So, dear readers, grab your sense of wonder and enjoy this exclusive interview with our favourite Tassie gem!

On Herself

How would you describe yourself to someone who has never been on Maria Island tours?

Well, to simply put, I am quite the package, I should say! Beautiful beaches, endless eucalyptus forests, widely diverse wildlife, and an intriguing history all rolled into one. I do not have many permanent residents, but the few park rangers who live with me do an amazing job taking care of me.

eucalyptus forests in maria island

If you have not been on Maria Island day trips, I am afraid you are missing out! Whether you are a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or an animal lover, I promise you I have something or the other to sweep you off your feet. Oh, and did I tell you about my sunsets and sunrises! I bet they are nothing like you have ever seen. Out of this world gorgeous. Come see for yourself!

Where do you recommend our readers visit to admire your natural beauty?

Thank you for asking me this question!. I would wholeheartedly recommend my painted cliffs.  I am sure anyone who has ever visited these incredible sandstone formations along the coastline, will agree with me. They are a genuine work of art. I have seen so many people being wonderstruck by their intricate patterns and vivid hues. Quite a fun sight I should say – children and adults gaping with their mouths wide open.

Painted cliff at maria island

Oh speaking of open mouths… another spot where I see a lot of those are at my fossil cliffs. I am especially proud of them. I mean, come on, who doesn’t like having their own personal museum? The well-preserved fossils of marine life etched into the rocks tell a story of an entirely different time period. A fascinating glimpse into my past. 

On Her Wild Inhabitants

You're home to a diverse range of wildlife. Could you introduce us to some of your favourite residents?

Well,I love all of them equally but from the top of my head… Tasmanian devils! They are hard to spot but have such feisty and spirited personalities. When they were first introduced to me, they were at the brink of extinction. I am proud that I was able to provide them a safe home to thrive.

wombats in maria island

Ah, my burly friends, the wombats! They are always busy munching on grass. Extremely cuddly, but I doubt they would want to cuddle anyone. Adorable chubs for sure! You can spot Cape Barren Geese on my shores. They are always strutting around like the fancy birds they are. Can’t forget the beauties–Forty-Spotted Pardalote! These tiny, colourful birds are a delight for birdwatchers.

I am aware that each of these residents plays a unique role in my ecosystem, and I'm truly blessed to be their home.

On Her History

What do you believe is the most fascinating chapter from your history that people should know about?

My history is full of interesting tales. You see, back in the 19th century I was a place where convicts were sent to serve out their sentences and, believe me, some wild tales have unfolded during those times.

You should visit the ruins of the Darlington Convict Probation Station. They stand as a testament to those challenging days, and exploring them is like stepping back in time. Experience a slice of history that is, in a curious way, pretty darn cool. If you are moved by gripping stories, do not miss this part of my past when you visit.

On Conservation And Preservation

What can visitors do to help in your conservation efforts while enjoying their time on the island?

First and foremost, respect the rules and guidelines in place. Please make sure that you don’t stray away from the designated trails. I know the furry friends are adorable but please keep a safe distance from them; it is for your safety as much as theirs. It also helps in maintaining the delicate balance of my ecosystem.

Also, most importantly, do not litter! After your picnic lunch, clean up after yourselves and dispose of rubbish responsibly. Tell yourself: As a responsible human being,  it is my duty to be respectful and considerate during my day trips to Maria Island.

If you are looking for extra credit, consider joining or supporting local conservation groups dedicated to safeguarding my unique habitats. Like you know, every little bit of help is important. Let us make sure that future visitors get to enjoy my charms just as you do. That is all! Thank you for being an eco-friendly tourist!

Thank you, Maria! As we wrap up our conversation, let's remember that with its breathtaking landscapes, history, and wildlife, Maria Island is truly a Tasmanian treasure. Like Carlos Santana sings, she is indeed living the life of a movie star!