Vivid Sydney: More Than Just Pretty Lights!

Australia’s annual festival of “Light, Music and Ideas”, Vivid Sydney attracted a record 2.33 million visitors last year. Its spectacular experiences are surely becoming more Vivid by the year but more often than not the flashy attractions of Vivid’s “Light” overshadow the other two segments. The popularity of Vivid Light installations often overcrowd the streets during the season. An increasingly popular alternative to finding a feasible vantage point is a Vivid Light Sydney Harbour cruise. Not only do these cruises provide excellent views to the light installations, most of them include a meal and beverages as well. 

The installations of Vivid Light are charming surely, but we’d say that it’s time the brilliant musical performances and engaging talks during Vivid take limelight.

Vivid Ideas: Where Worlds of Thoughts Come Together 

Every year eminent personalities from around the world gather for Vivid Ideas to discuss topics of Technology, Film, Music, Astronomy, Artificial Intelligence, and New Media to name a few. Fusions of creativity, application, art and science come out of these talks and lead to a new and much necessary learning experience to all who visit. A few interesting topics Vivid Ideas 2018 covered were:

The deepest of waters: Hollywood director James Cameron engaged with Adam Spencer and spoke about his deep sea diving experience that made him the first human being to embark on a solo trip to depths of up to 15 kilometres, on a vessel made in Sydney. 

Future perfect: Gamification star Jane McGonigal and Artificial Intelligence extraordinaire Kriti Sharma joined a discussion on the future of technology and how our decisions shape our societies. 

A need for thought: Visual Strategist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Dan Good, talked about the need for creativity in today’s world, and presenting complex problems in simple ways by fusing art and science together. 

Are schools bad for your kids: The inaugural event “Mark Colvin conversation” saw inspiring thinkers including eminent writers and professors join to question whether schools are stifling creativity and discuss how the education system could improve. 

If you feel that you missed out on these talks, you can watch the highlights to get a hint of what’s in store for Vivid Ideas 2019

A Truly Vivid Musical Experience
Vivid Music features artists both international and local, on stages ranging from small venues and bars to the majestic Opera House. Music fills the streets of journey with gigs small and large happening around every corner! From jazz quartets to rock n roll troupes, the music scene in Sydney during this season every year is truly Vivid.

Last year saw an impressive lineup of international artists. Some of the big names at the stage last year were: Grammy award-winning artist Solange, West coast rapper Ice Cube, American pop icon Mazzy Star, acclaimed indie rock singer Cat Power, and St. Vincent. With mesmerising collaborations and incredible live performances, Vivid Music caters to the musical needs of every visitor alike, regardless of their preferences. 

Now that you know about Vivid Sydney’s underdogs “Ideas” and “Music”, ensure that you look beyond just those pretty lights next time you visit!