Vivid Sydney 2024: Light Installations To Look Out For

In lieu of a traditional white winter, Sydney boasts a colourful one, all thanks to Vivid Sydney. Yes, our favourite Lights Festival is back in the 'Harbour City’ for a whopping 23 days, from May 24 to June 15. So, get ready to treat yourself to incredible light installations, toe-tapping music gigs, mind-bending ideas, mouth-watering food, and unforgettable Vivid Sydney cruises on the harbour!

The heart of Vivid Sydney lies in its spectacular light installations. This year’s theme is ‘Humanity’ so you can expect a lot of thought-provoking displays. To ensure you don't miss out on the best of these installations, we've compiled a list of must-see light installations that will definitely leave you in awe! Oh, and many of them can be enjoyed from Vivid Sydney Harbour cruises! So, yay! Tag along to get a glimpse into the magic that awaits you at Vivid Sydney 2024.

Lighting of the Sails: Echo - By Julia Gutman

Keep your peepers peeled for "Echo"! Yep, this time ‘Echo’ is all about what you see, not what you hear. Created by the talented Sydney artist Julia Gutman, ‘Lighting of the Sails: Echo’ is a fantastic piece of art. Julia digitises ancient fabric-making techniques to brilliantly drape the iconic sails of the Opera House with a modern take on the story of Narcissus as told by Roman poet Ovid.

According to Julia, the artist herself, "The work is about the paradox of self-consciousness, the limitations of our own capacity to truly see ourselves, and the way our own unconscious wounds spill out into our perceptions of one another. It’s a story about confronting your shadow." So, get ready for a visual journey that's as deep as it is dazzling! 

Faces Of Change - By Tori Jay

The artist behind this impactful piece is a talented indigenous artist, Tori-Jay. During Vivid Sydney, each pylon of the Harbour Bridge will light up with the vibrant faces of Torres Strait 8 (TS8) members. They’re portrayed in bright colours, along with their respective totems.

Here's the twist – each of these faces will eventually be drowned by the rising sea levels. This powerful artwork aims to draw attention to the struggles of these Torres Strait climate warriors who face the possibility of becoming some of the world’s first climate refugees. It's a reminder of the interdependent connection that humanity shares with nature.

Global Rainbow - By Yvette Mattern

The Global Rainbow has graced cities like London, Berlin, Toronto, and Northern Ireland, and now it's Sydney's turn. A rainbow will emanate from the Sydney Tower Eye, stretching up to 40km across the city.

This dazzling display serves as more than just a visual delight; it stands as a powerful symbol of hope and inclusivity. Under this rainbow, humanity is united. 

Hika Rakuyo - By Eternal Art Space

Have you ever witnessed the enchantment of a flower blooming? Well, during Vivid Sydney, you can! Native Australian flowers bloom in the air, over the dark waters of Cockle Bay. 

Inspired by the Japanese concept of Hika Rakuyo, where flowers and falling leaves poetically embody the fleeting beauty of life, this captivating 8-minute holographic light and laser show is bound to be an absolute visual delight!

Our Connected City - From The Rocks To Circular Quay

How can we forget the city lights? Sydney is drenched in them every night of the year, but during the days of Vivid Sydney, the city becomes something else. A magical wonderland.

Sydney Harbour illuminated with Vivid Lights

Across the cityscape, buildings are illuminated with lights of all colours, and the waters of Sydney Harbour reflect them perfectly. Even the clouds aren’t spared. More than hundreds of searchlights cut upwards into the night sky each day! A magical wonderland indeed! And, this wonderland is best experienced aboard one of the popular Vivid Lights cruises.

We've sprinkled just the right amount of excitement and curiosity in you. Now, sit back, relax, and let Vivid Sydney and our dinner cruises do their magic!