Vivid Sydney 2021 Experiences

Vivid Sydney is finally coming back to Sydney after a long gap! This year, we can expect several extraordinary and soul-stirring works of art at the festival. And as we start discussing about Vivid Sydney, there are some things like which venue to visit first, who are the artists that will grace the festival, and which are the cheapest and easiest ways to get around the festival sites and many more. Today, we have made a list of prerequisites you may be curious to know before you go to the festival. Also, we take a sneak peek at some of the most-awaited artists and art works you will see this year.

People have already started booking in at the famous venues and restaurants around the major vantage points in the city such as Darling Harbour, Sydney Harbour, Cockle Bay and so on. From the popular Vivid Cruises to the several multi-hatted restaurants scattered across the city, you will find plenty of venues today that are selling exclusive Vivid Sydney packages at exciting early bird prices. One affordable yet amazing option for you is our wide range of luxury Sydney Vivid cruises that are perfect to get around the iconic Sydney Harbour and enjoy the mesmerising scenes including the decked-up Harbour Bridge and the 3D-light projections by the Opera House. Every year, tens and hundreds of people board these luxury cruises to enjoy the harbour scenes during the festival in all its entirety. Like every year, this year too, we can expect guided Vivid Sydney Photography Walks and Light Walks that will show you all the best niches of the festival. These guided tours are best approved by Sydneysiders for being affordable and reliable. However, if you’re unbothered by the price tags on those fancy and extravagant experiences, we recommend some options such as the Sydney Bridge Climb or dining at any one of the multi-hatted restaurants with a view of the festival venues. You will find several such restaurants and cafes around Darling Harbour, Sydney Harbour and near Circular Quay and so on.

The most important and inevitable part of the festival is the artists who create the wonderland that is Vivid Sydney. One of the most exciting installations you will see at Vivid Sydney this year is brought to you by two Sydney-based artists Renzo B Larriviere and Zara Pasfield who run a studio called Atelier Sisu Design. Their artwork, named “Ephemeral” is an immersive walkway of larger-than-life bubbles. It is a vibrant artwork that incorporates various light and sound techniques, altogether creating a surreal ambience for the audience. To find this installation, head over to Cockle Bay at Darling Harbour. The next unmissable work is “Point of View” made by artists Brad Robson and Esem Projects. An artist at work is always an intriguing and insightful picture that sends a unique message to the world. ‘Point of View’, for that matter, is a ghostly and painterly projection of an artist at work that will be projected onto a virtual canvas on George Street. It plays a lot around viewpoints—the artist, the portrait subject and the audience—hence making it an intrinsic and beautiful concept well-conveyed. You can explore more of this artwork by visiting the Corner Playfair Place and The Rocks. To be able to explore the unexplored is one of the greatest gifts that an artist can be blessed with. The third work of art “Vorax” by Ho Sheung Ning will narrate a story through 3D projection mapping and animation. The story takes you through mind-bending environments and an extraordinary narrative. This Vivid Sydney holds a great potential and hope for the artists’ and art-lovers’ community across the globe. Welcome yourself to this stunning treat!