Highlights of Vivid Sydney 2022

Sydney is one of the most desired travel destinations in the world, an amazing waypoint of contemporary excitement, architectural landmarks, and a long and storied history. Being a tantalising city-in-flux, flaunting a chic Aussie charm, luxurious extravagance, and multiethnic identity to anyone looking to immerse themselves in, there is no better time to explore Sydney at its finest than the upcoming Vivid Sydney Festival 2022.

What Exactly is Vivid Sydney

Intrigued what exactly Vivid Sydney is? Well, it can be seen as something that takes the dazzling Sydney face as a canvas of art and multiplies its charm and elegance by about a thousand! It can be seen as the biggest festival of its kind in the world and one that only gets bigger and bolder over time. The festival is owned, managed, and produced by the NSW Government and has been recognised by the International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA). The festival is a spectacle of light displays, music performances, public talks, and debates with creative thinkers to exchange ideas. In short, Vivid Sydney Festival is all about celebrating creativity, technology, and innovation at its finest.

Vivid Sydney 2022

It would be wonderful to see the iconic harbour city in this way, its incredible buildings treated like a living work of art and highlighted in light and colour! Visiting Sydney during the festival will be like greeting it anew! Celebrating its 12th year in 2022, Vivid Sydney will bring art and ideas to the general public that will spark the ‘Soul of the City’ for 23 days and nights with the best Australian artists and thinkers of our time. The 2022 festival will dive deep into the soul of Sydney, through its people, place, and hearts to define what makes Sydney a unique, eccentric, and powerful catalyst for change. The festival will run from 27th May to 18th June discovering Sydney through Light, Music, and Ideas. 

Explore Major Events

1. Light  

It is certain that the festival is best known for the spectacular Vivid light displays and art installations. In 2022, Vivid Sydney launches with First Light- the celebration of the First Nations culture and identity in Campbells Cove. It will be shown on screens each night of the festival as an acknowledgement of the Country. The southern pylon of Sydney Harbour Bridge will project an equally spectacular backdrop illuminated by Sharing the Same Life Essence, a spectacular light projection that celebrates the Gadigal people and their culture. The Vivid lights illuminate the city over 8kms linking the Opera House to Central Station with immersive installations and super-scale kinetic sculptures. Enjoy the Vivid light views including the Lighting of the Sails on Sydney Harbour, For Sydney With Love at Customs House, Earth Deities on Hickson Road Reserve, Convergence on The Goods Line, and many more. 

2. Music

As Vivid Sydney gears up for a more spectacular event in 2022, there will be electrifying and mind-bogglingly massive live musical performances that will unfold the ‘Soul of Sydney’. This includes shows at both popular and unexpected city waypoints. There will be talented artists and luminaries from all-around Australia and other world cities. The legendary Australian music icon Marcia Hines with a world-premiere show The Gospel according to Marcia, will uplift the St Stephen's Uniting Church surroundings for two nights. An uber-diva host, Trevor Ashley, Mary’s Underground will host the inaugural Vivid Sydney Supper Club every Friday and Saturday throughout the festival. There will be surprising revue-style performances including musical theatre acts, cabaret, dance, drag, and jazz. Apart from these, you will also be treated to the best of Spaceman J Pierce, Baxter Dury, Mike Hadreas, Mama Kin Spender, Dingo Spender, and many more. 

3. Ideas

Vivid is not only about lights and music but also about the creative and thought-provoking debates and forums, industry-leading conventions to exchange ideas, find creative solutions, radically shift your perspectives, and inspire new thoughts. Creative industries can collaborate, foster their business connections, and display new ideas. There will be headline speakers, global storytellers and lesser-known faces presiding over the event. For the first time, Vivid Ideas will be hosted at Sydney’s renowned cultural centres for a series of free talks and performances including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Australian Museum, National Maritime Museum, and so on. There will be Aaron Sorkin, best known for film and TV megahits, Leigh Sales, broadcaster and journalist, Troye Sivan, award-winning pop artist and actor, James Valentine, an amazing storyteller, and many more to share their thoughts.         

Best Locations Where You Can Witness Vivid at its Best

Now you know, the Vivid Sydney Festival is no longer like it was in its nascent stage. This annual Sydney Festival over the years has expanded into a record-breaking art and technological amusement that transform Sydney into a canvas of art. Vivid Sydney 2022 promises to present the best in Lights, Music, and Ideas. The city surroundings will once again be loud, embellished, and innovative. If you are wondering where you can be at to see and feel Vivid Sydney at its best, well… you can be excited about what’s there, that is unique and extraordinary to circumvent the crowds thronging the city. It is up to you to choose a helicopter ride for aerial Vivid light views, sought-after Vivid Sydney cruises to enjoy the million-dollar views of the light displays and art installations from the waters, or a Light Walk to explore all major displays on foot. Reach out to the popular landmarks where the festival creates and stages all kinds of art and ideas. Plan your travels around Vivid Sydney Festival and enjoy the laurel amalgamation of light, music, and ideas to explore the ‘Soul of the City’.