Get Over-Whale-Med: Sydney Whale Watching Cruises

Ah! The Sydney Harbour - home to the iconic Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, the first spot on every tourist’s travel itineraries and every Australian’s source of pride. The Harbour is sprawling with activity at every juncture - with the not-so-occasional sightseeing tourist sporting an ‘I ❤️ Sydney’ tee and a camera around their neck, the restaurants buzzing with conversation, wait-staff beelining their way through the hungry diners and the Insta-famous food blogger hovering over the table crouching and contorting awkwardly all for getting that perfect flat-lay for their feed (#followforfollow)! 

A well-informed lot of tourists make their way onto one of the many Sydney Harbour cruises for dining and sightseeing, smartly distancing themselves from the crowds. The views that one encounters on these cruises are truly spectacular - soothing stretches of coastal walks punctuated by silica sand beaches, all framed by endless expanses of the Pacific Ocean. Ah! The Sydney Harbour! 

Come late May to early November, a very special bunch of tourists, much too big to find ‘I ❤️ Sydney’ tees to span their 50 tonne heavy bodies (#bodyshaming?), arrive in Sydney. Eager to escape the biting cold of their Antarctic homes, traversing 5000 odd kilometres, these lovesick cetaceans are here to celebrate a truly epic babymoon (#babymoongoals!) or annual vacation in the warmer Australian waters. This trend validates us peeping Toms world over to indulge in our voyeuristic tendencies and book a whale watching cruise in Sydney! If you didn’t already guess that I was talking about whales so far, whale then, now you know. 

Breach, please! As you’ll soon find out after your whale watching tour along Sydney Harbour, Humpbacks are Antarctica’s top contenders for the acrobatics segment of the Olympics! They’re willing to always put on quite the show for all those watching. Humpback whale breaches are quite the dramatic sight, so keep your cameras (literally and figuratively) on deck.  You can fathom how difficult it may be to haul a 40-tonne body out of the water. I, myself, sometimes struggle to gracefully hoist myself out of a bathtub following a long bath that has rendered me wrinkled from head to toe! 

Heads Up For Tails! Amorously-inclined flirty female whales need their fair share of attention and sure know how to demand for it; an impactful pec or tail slap almost always gets the job done. 

Underwater & Undercover! Aquatic Sherlock Holmes reporting for duty - a particularly cute surfacing behaviour that Humpback whales exhibit is spyhopping, wherein their heads shyly break the surface of the water just to have a look around as you enjoy your whale watching tour in Sydney. Oddly enough though, this trait is quite reminiscent of my (not-so-cute) nosy neighbour. 

Be a part of and witness the beauty of the longest mammalian migration on the planet. Book your whale watching cruise in Sydney and scourge the best deals of the season. It’s Whale Watching Season In Sydney This Winter!