FIFA WWC 2023: Plan Your Sydney Itinerary

The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup is set to be an unprecedented event, as it marks several significant milestones in its history. Jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand, the 9th edition of the tournament kicks off on July 20 and will wrap up on August 20 with the final. The iconic Sydney Football Stadium and the Stadium Australia (Accor Stadium) are prepared to host 11 matches (including the final and the semi-final). 

As always, Sydney is excited to welcome more visitors. If you are a newbie who has come to the ‘Harbour City’ to cheer for your girls, G’day mate! You will love Sydney. Do not worry, here is a list of places you can visit and things you can do between the matches to make the most your time here:

Enjoy A Lunch Or Dinner Cruise On Sydney Harbour

Sydney harbour bridge and opera house

How can you visit Sydney and not experience a classic lunch or dinner cruise on the harbour? Gear up for an exciting match with a scrumptious lunch on one of the best lunch cruises on Sydney Harbour. Unwind on the waters and bask in the daytime views of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. 

If a dinner cruise is a better fit for your schedule, go for it. Enjoy a delicious dinner accompanied by the sight of Sydney's iconic landmarks and the million city lights. Whether it is to celebrate your country’s victory or make peace with the match result, there is no better place to do it than on one of the Sydney Harbour dinner cruises.    

Explore The Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney olympic park

It would be a shame if you go to Sydney Olympic Park’s Accor stadium to watch a match and do not actually explore the Park. So, plan your match day such that you get enough time to spend here. 

Apart from the epic Accor Stadium, you can also visit the other legendary stadiums that hosted the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Take a tour of the Aquatic centre which has four indoor heated pools, a river ride and a water slide. 

If you are into sports history, see the centre’s ‘Dive into History’ exhibition. Also check out the extensive cycling pathways, circus classes, Segway tours, smash room, and the other interesting things you can only experience at the Sydney Olympic Park.

Take A Walk Through Badu Mangroves

Take a walk through the badu mangroves

Nestled within the Sydney Olympic Park Complex sits the Badu Mangroves. This slice of lush mangroves is surrounded by parkland and a water bird refuge and an excellent spot to relax amidst nature in Sydney. A well-maintained boardwalk snakes through the centre of mangroves which makes this protected ecosystem in the city easily accessible for you. 

If you are into birdwatching, ta-da, you are in the right place! Say hi to ducks, pelicans, shorebirds, and so many other winged friends. Visit the Badu Mangroves to refresh and reset your mind before a match.

Visit The Entertainment Quarter

People enjoying at the entertainment quarter

The Entertainment Quarter is a fun place to hangout before and after the matches at Allianz stadium. You’ll never fall short of things to do here. Here, you will find cinemas,  arcade games, bowling alleys, golfing games, and more. 

The famous Fox Studios is situated at the Entertainment Quarter, so pay a visit to learn what goes behind the screen. You can also explore the array of restaurants, cafes, and bars here. Also check out the chic retail shops to shop for some souvenirs.

Shop Until You Drop At Sydney’s Favourite Shopping Streets

Womens streets shoping

The Rocks Market is a must-visit shopping market in Sydney. You can take home some excellent handcrafted souvenirs and fresh local produce from here. Grab something yummy to eat while you stop to enjoy the live music. 

Paddington Markets has been open every Saturday since 1973. This not-to-profit market is a great place to shop from local artists, try delicious delicacies from talented bakers and chefs, and get some great deals.

Pitt Street Mall is a pedestrian-only mall where you can unleash the shopaholic in you without any care. From high-end retailers to fast fashion brands, this section of Pitt Street is a shopper’s favourite.

You probably already have a list of things to do when in Sydney. Feel free to add these to your itinerary. Once here, you will find some more things you would want to check out. Add them to the list too. Do everything you want and trust the city to make you feel right at home! Welcome to Sydney! Enjoy your stay.