Experience Gift Ideas for Valentines Day in Sydney

Is your heart pounding just thinking about what to gift your significant other for Valentine's Day? Are you afraid that your gift is gonna end up on the dreaded top-shelf along with the other material gifts ? Fear not! We have the perfect fix!
If there’s something Sydney never runs out of, it’s the breathtaking experiences. Whether it's a first date, a third or the hundredth one, ‘The Emerald City’ we call home, offers more than enough unique ideas to make sure you end up with a day to remember. 
This Valentine's Day, go one step further and try out these ideas straight from the ‘How to Woo 101’ handbook.
Cruise around the harbour after dark

Choosing the right gift can be tricky even for the most romantic Romeos. If you're after something a little bit out of the ordinary and includes decadent dining with breathtaking views, then look no further than a Valentine’s Day cruise. Imagine yourself sitting in awe of your favourite person, thinking what’s more sparkling –  their eyes or the glorious city skyline shining in the backdrop! Watch the city lights shimmer in the magnificent harbour waters as you and your love share an unforgettable ‘wine and dine’ experience.
Ditch the expensive flowers and box of chocolates for a romantic eve’ on the harbour aboard one our popular Valentine’s Day dinner cruises – choose your vessel and book today!
Go on an adrenaline-filled date 
The ‘wow’ factor of experience gifts is that they can be shared and remembered for years to come, and tend to be more unique and personal – something that the recipient may not be able to do on their own. 
Say ‘goodbye’ to boring dates with an exhilarating tandem skydiving experience! For the adrenaline-junkie couples out there, get high on love this V-Day as you suit-up for the joyride of your life! Experience Sydney in a whole new angle, soar above splendid beachfronts, and take in the sprawling views of the Great Sydney region! 

Take a leap of faith with your better half as you tumble out of the sky from 15,000 feet above the ground – you’ll overdose on adrenaline! With arms wide open, you’ll enjoy a free fall for over 60 seconds, followed by a zen parachute ride to soak up the world below from a bird’s eye view! It is not something one can do everyday, but it’ll absolutely be one that lasts a lifetime. The best part? It requires zero experience! An instructor will be strapped into you and guides you through the jump; from exiting the aircraft, through freefall, piloting the canopy, and landing!
Embrace the outdoors
Life in Sydney can get really busy, and it’s easy to lose yourself in the hustle and bustle of daily life.  An increasingly popular way of celebrating love is escaping the big smoke for a Valentine’s Day getaway. It can be a short nature getaway to the nearby Royal National Park (RNP), a weekend trip to a cosy cabin in the mountains or a laid-back beach vacation!
A day trip to the RNP Sydney would give you ample time to explore the pristine natural beauty, take part in thrilling activities, and discover the secluded beaches and the diverse flora. The famous Bundeena Kayaks offer exploratory double kayaks and paddle-board hire – consider the inevitable atrocities of the many comical falls before jumping onto one!
Such getaways offer a change of scenery, letting you disconnect from the daily distractions and reconnect with each other, also allowing you to explore new places and try new things together!
In short,
10 out of 10 cupids agree that experience gifts can have a much larger impact on the overall happiness and well-being, and in turn, breathe new life into your love. Sharing an experience with your main squeeze can foster deeper connections and is more enjoyable in the moment, than its material counterpart. So this year, put extra love to your cart with these top experiences gift ideas in Sydney.