Art for All Ages: Family-Friendly Events at Vivid Sydney 2024

Vivid Sydney 2024 has kicked off to a flying start! As the festival lights up the city, it's not just an event for art aficionados but an action-packed playground for families too.

The 2024 lineup with the theme ‘Humanity’ is bursting with lights, sounds, and experiences for everyone to enjoy. Let's check out some of them down below!

Tumbalong Nights + Neolithic

Tumbalong Park is the pulsating heart of Vivid Light Walk, inviting everyone to enjoy free and uplifting music! Along with 12 nights of free live concerts, there are kids shows every Saturday from 5pm! 

After enjoying the lively beats at Tumbalong Park, take a stroll to Neolithic. Neolithic features a stunning LED canopy with geometric patterns reminiscent of ancient art, while powerful beams reach for the sky. This large-scale display is perfect for kids, offering a fun and educational experience that celebrates our connection to the past and future.

Circular Quay Fun + Vivid Dinner Cruise

Circular Quay is a choc-a-block of lights and events for the whole gang! From the Lighting of the Sails: Echo, to Faces of Change, Sea, Sand & Stars and many more, the lights alone will ignite young imaginations. 

Sydney’ newest glass boat ‘Clearview’ on the harbour during Vivid

Make it a quintessential Vivid experience by joining a Vivid Sydney cruise for a spectator and dining combination! A Vivid Lights cruise offers a stunning on-water perspective of the light installations. You can amp up your experience by choosing a dining or entertainment cruise! PS: Cruise on June 8,9 & 15 to watch the exclusive drone show from the waters!

Ready for more fun? Head to First Fleet Park for Embrace. Your little one's touch lights up this interactive piece, sparking thoughts about connections with others. 

Vivid Fire Kitchen + New Normal

Vivid Fire Kitchen at The Goods Line

Vivid Fire Kitchen is back, blazing brighter than ever! Enjoy this event any night of the festival as top chefs and pitmasters assemble to embrace the universal language of BBQ, but there's more! It's a chance for kids to explore the art of cooking in a fun way, watching talented chefs work their magic with fire. 

After filling up on flame-seared delights at Vivid Fire Kitchen, check out New Normal. This free activation is like a sneak peek into tomorrow's world, showcasing concepts like zero waste and renewable energy in action. Kids and ‘kidults’ can watch robots transforming trash into treasure, see what a "forever car" looks like and check out a sunshine-powered light activation!

As Vivid Sydney continues to shine a light on the city, it’s clear that the festival isn't just about admiring and appreciating art, it’s about cherishing those special moments with your loved ones: a reminder that behind every masterpiece is a bit of humanity. Here's to creating lifelong memories and inspiring the next generation of art lovers.