Art At Vivid Sydney 2023: Best Light Installations

Vivid Sydney 2023 is bringing its biggest-ever lineup to take over the streets and foreshores of Sydney, and along with it many world-firsts and festival-firsts! This year, we’re expecting a large-scale display of mind-bending innovations, and creative projections that will dance across the many towering landmarks and buildings of our ‘Emerald City’. 
With over 59 breathtaking light installations to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide where to begin, especially if you're a traveller with limited time in the city. Here are some of the standout Vivid Light installations that really exemplify this year’s theme ‘Vivid Sydney, Naturally’.
Lighting of The Sails: Life Enlivened
Vivid lights on opera house
As envisioned by the artwork of late legendary artist John Olsen, the sails of the Sydney Opera House will blossom into a 3D-mapped lightscape showcasing the connection of life and energy. The ‘Lighting of The Sails’ is one of the all-time festival-favourites, and this year, the sails will fuel your imagination with awe-inspiring animations of select images from John Olsen’s esteemed nature portfolio! 
A tribute to the legend himself – Olsen’s enduring interest in the Australian landscapes and the natural world will be brought to life using the creative combination of technology and art. 
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Written in the Stars
Vivid Sydney 2023 is special in many ways – along with the addition of the new pillar, Vivid Food, the 8.5km Light Walk, and more. Sydney Harbour will also play host to the largest drone show in the Southern Hemisphere. Prepare to be dazzled as Vivid Sydney takes drone technology to profound heights! 
An immersive experience through time and space, Written in the Stars will take you on a journey through the natural world above us, unearthing the mysteries and wonders of the solar system, and its residents! From mind-boggling aerial acrobatics to awe-inspiring light shows, the fleet of drones will perform a mesmerising dance in the sky to create intricate patterns and shapes that will leave you spellbound!
Dance Together
Dance Together by ‘Lucid Creates’ reminds us of the importance of gathering with strangers and the magic of connection that follows! Gather under a unique spectacle, where three massive floating rings are suspended above, casting a 360° display that unites everyone in a halo of light and an otherworldly soundscape. 
Secret messages rotate around inner rings, symbolising new ways for you to connect and reach out to each other, and who knows, you might even learn some funky moves! It's an ethereal experience that transcends the ordinary and elevates you to a new level of consciousness!
Night Walkers
Ready to leap into a world of wonder and enchantment? Imagine strolling through a garden of illuminated lily pads and listening to soothing sounds of a babbling brook! Frog was a symbol of fertility and life, and is considered a ‘walker’ between the two worlds of water and land in ancient shamanic cultures. Night Walkers is a creative and meaningful depiction of these amphibians through life-sized installations inside Barangaroo. 
Every single one of the frogs belongs to an endangered class, which serves as a reminder that a decline in their population can have adverse environmental atrocities. These frog installations are interactive as well – head to the panel near the head to listen to the unique frog songs and immerse yourself in their world!
‘Lights On’ is every evening at 6pm and it’s up to you whether you want to tackle all the precincts in one go, take a more leisurely stroll with food and refreshment stops en route, or even enjoy them over several nights.