All You Need to Know - Vivid Sydney Cruises 2022

As Vivid Sydney returns after a long gap of three years, Sydney will once again transform into a playground for artists, musicians and creatives. The much-awaited festival is a celebration of creativity, innovation and technology—a platform for experimenting, inspiring and being inspired. If you are an international visitor looking for the best dates to visit this cosmopolitan coastal destination, then you can plan your travels around the Vivid Light Festival! It could be an amazing opportunity for you to witness Sydney’s ability to dazzle and see how it multiplies the already existing beauty by a thousand! Go out of your way to experience it to its core.

What exactly is Vivid Sydney

Popularly known as Australia’s best tourism event, Vivid Sydney is an annual month-long festival of art, light, music, and ideas managed by the NSW Government. It attracts over a million people and contributes a major share to the state’s economy. It has also been recognised by the International Festivals & Events Association. The light artists, musicians and creative minds in and around Australia and the world aim to transform Sydney into a canvas of art and transform it into a wonderland, an epitome of creativity, innovation, and technology. You can enjoy the best of Vivid light installations on Sydney’s most iconic architectural structures and evocative musical performances with live shows in various points of interest. But it is not only about the installations and music but also interactive activities, public talks and debates to exchange ideas, come up with creative solutions and inspire the future.

Even though this year’s Vivid Light Festival catalogue is not released yet, the city streets will come alive from 27 May to 18 June. We, as the premium cruise operator in Sydney Harbour, welcome you to this breathtaking destination. We have the finest vessels offering sought-after Vivid Sydney cruises to witness the prime views of the iconic architectural marvels in artistic lighting displays.

Deets You Need to Know About Our Cruises

When it comes to the perfect venue to embrace the Vivid Sydney vibes, there is nothing that can beat our world-class cruising restaurants. From Clearview Cruises to Sydney Showboats and Magistic Cruise, there are stunning Vivid cruises all set to brighten up your winter nights and take in the prime views of the incredible art displays and 3D light projections on your way.

Clearview Cruise: Our premium luxury glass boat has polished glass panes and three main decks including a spacious dining saloon, mezzanine cocktail lounge, and a Sky Deck with a retractable roof. With floor-to-ceiling glass windows and flaunting cutting-edge nautical design Clearview ensures 360° unobstructed views of the Vivid Light views. It also has a high-end tailored seating and dining set up to optimise your cruising and sightseeing experience.

Sydney Showboat: Our authentic paddlewheeler flaunts an old-world glamour and charm. With its wrap-around verandahs, cathedral windows, and classic interiors made of glass, timber, brass, and marble, Showboat creates an ambience perfect for a truly instagrammable Vivid Sydney celebration. Apart from its nautical features, there is something that helps our Showboat to stand out from the rest— a longest-running Cabaret Show! Our Showboat is the only cruise with the show on Sydney Harbour. It has a spacious dining saloon with a theatre-style layout so that you can relish the moment enjoying the prime Vivid views and a stunning show by an all-Australian cast of the highest calibre.

Magistic Cruise: Our ultra-modern custom-built catamaran vessel with three expansive outer decks would be a great call if you are looking for budget-friendly Vivid celebrations. It has three expansive outer decks and large panoramic windows for great harbour views. Like the other two, Magistic also has a spacious dining saloon with fully air-conditioned climate-controlled interiors that ensure a relaxed Vivid cruising experience.

From Dinner cruise packages to Vivid Sydney Early and Late Cruises without dinner, we have 6+ cruise options with great inclusions so you can enjoy the whole spectacular light display from afar without compromising your hard-earned pennies. Get ready to witness the jaw-dropping views of Sydney Harbour. Head straight to King Street Wharf from where our cruises start and continue through the iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House along with enjoying the ample views of the Garden Island, Shark Island, Bradleys Head, Kirribilli House, Luna Park and so on. Wondering if cruising would be the best option to indulge in Vivid Sydney 2022?

Intrigued by the Question… Here are the Answers You Need!

To put in simple notes, a harbour cruise would be an ideal option for all those who prefer a quietly grand Vivid Sydney experience taking in the uncompromising views of the innovative light installations and grand-scale projections. It all narrates a story that is quintessential ‘Sydney’, through light-design excellence, creativity, and character. Our cruises can bring everyone together in a space that is equally spectacular, to celebrate and be immersed in the true Sydney vibes.

What we Offer:
  • Splendid Vivid Views

All of our vessels have spacious outer viewing decks to admire how Sydney Harbour unfolds the amazing 3D light projections on the Opera House sails and interactive light display at the Harbour Bridge, Campbell’s Cove, and Circular Quay. You can roam around and take in the breathtaking display of the creative soul of Sydney, actually without getting into the crowd. Try not to miss out on your camera and click some stunning photographs as you go along.
  • Delicious Dinner Dishes

What if your Vivid views are combined with a deluxe restaurant-quality dining setup? It would definitely be a win-win, right? All of our vessels have onboard galleys and expert in-house chefs so that our visitors can enjoy the freshly prepared flavours of Sydney. Our chefs are our stars. Book your tickets to dine on deck as the light installations and projections illuminate the surroundings. Go through our Vivid cruises and see what works best for you. With or without dinner, you are guaranteed the best views, vibes, and feel of the Vivid Sydney Light Festival.
  • Best-quality Beverage Packages

If you want to combine your dinner dishes with great-quality Australian drinks and beverages, you can! All of our vessels have fully licensed bars so you can purchase any beverage package and get fully immersed in the experience.

As Vivid Sydney unveils the soul of the iconic harbour city, we welcome all of you on board to celebrate the spirit of Sydney. Book your tickets today!