A Modern Twist To Traditional Valentine’s Day Gifts & Surprises

As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, the air is filled with anticipation and the quest for the perfect gift begins. While the classic tokens of love like flowers and chocolates have stood the test of time, a modern twist can add a dash of excitement to your celebration of the ‘Day of Love’. Let’s explore how you can give traditional gifts a modern makeover to make your Valentine’s Day in Sydney unforgettable.

Less stuff, more fun with experiences

Move from material gifts to experiential gifts. The magic of an ‘experience’ lies in the fact that it’s a gift that can be shared with your partner to create memories that will last well beyond February 14th. In Sydney, the options are endless.

Guests enjoying drinks on a Valentine’s Day cruise in Sydney

Take him/her for a hot-air balloon ride over the state’s beautiful vineyards, surprise them with a weekend getaway or treat your partner to a romantic dinner cruise on Sydney Harbour. What could be more romantic than a gourmet dining experience on the waters, complete with special menus and drinks, set against the splendid harbourfront.

(PS: Our Valentine’s Day cruises sell out fast every year, book your spots early to avoid any last-minute letdowns)

Customised creations

While some may believe that 'love' and 'practical' is an unlikely combination, we'd like to argue against it. Turning everyday gifts like jewellery into a personal treasure is the purest form of saying 'you are one of a kind'. 

These custom-made gifts showcase thoughtfulness and creativity. And there's no one way of doing it! It can be carving something into a pendant or a necklace, like a lyric from your partner's favourite song or a catchphrase from a movie. You can also surprise her by commissioning a digital artist to create a personalised masterpiece that tells your love story – it can be a symbol of your relationship!

VR date night

Love knows no bounds, and the same goes for gifts. If you’ve thought of not celebrating Valentine's Day just because you’re navigating a long-distance relationship, think again. Embrace the world of Virtual Reality. 

Get VR headsets for both of you and go on a virtual adventure together. Discover new virtual worlds, play games together, binge-watch a series, or even cook a meal as if you’re in the same kitchen! Tech is a magical wand that can bridge the gap between you and your partner, even if you're a thousand miles apart!

Modernised traditions

Flowers and chocolates – a combo that never goes out of style. At this point, we can declare them symbols of love. But let's add a twist to these age-old classics. How about a flower-arrangement class instead of just another bouquet? Sydney has more than 100 floristry courses where you can craft a dried-flower arrangement, create a DIY flower crown or practise the tranquil art of Ikebana floral arranging. Unique much?

Everyone loves chocolates (unless you have Xocolatophobia) and we’re ever grateful to Richard Cadbury for bringing this tradition to life back in the mid-1800s. But why not elevate it with a gourmet chocolate-tasting experience or a creative chocolate-making class. You can also explore artisanal chocolates with personalised messages – some chocolatiers even offer 3D printed treats. Yep, we just turned a simple gift into an edible work of art!


So, there you have it – let’s break free from the predictable and give love a modern makeover. Add a pinch of creativity, thoughtfulness and tech to the classic gifts and voila! Your Valentine’s Day gifts just got a modern makeover!