Mooloolaba Activities To Make The Most Of Your Trip

Mooloolaba is one of our top picks for a quick getaway — for all seasons and for all the right reasons. This charming coastal suburb in Sunshine Coast promises a perfectly balanced dose of the sun, sandy beaches, and some seriously good seafood. In this blog, we've gathered the top things to do in Mooloolaba, so you can dive into this sunny paradise with a smile on your face.

Sightseeing On Mooloolaba River Cruises

Guests enjoying the sights of Mooloolaba on a river cruise

Sure, you can explore Mooloolaba on foot, or by car, but it won’t be as exciting as experiencing the region from the waters. As you cruise along the stunning waterways of the Mooloolah River, you can soak in a completely different perception of the region. See the lovely Minyama mansions, the breathtaking Mooloolaba Bay, numerous private boats, historic vessels, and other waterfront attractions. 

Trust us, there are some really unique Mooloolaba River cruises. You can check out the signature cultural tours to learn about the region’s indigenous history and heritage, go on a lunch cruise to savour some lip-smacking seafood, or spend a beautiful evening on a sunset cruise. Each of these cruises are bound to be wildly different, so make sure to carefully consider your options, and choose a river cruise that suits your budget and interest.

Spend A Day On The Mooloolaba Beach

The Mooloolaba Beach has been continuously chosen as one of the best in Australia, and rightfully so! Spend a day here, or even several if you're a dedicated beach bum. It will be entirely worth it, we promise. The sugary white sand, and the inviting soft blue waters are sure to sweep you off your feet. Slap some sunscreen on and jump into the water. Wrestle with the rolling waves, build sand castles, walk to the Mooloolaba Spit or simply lay on your back, and let time slip away.

Set out to discover the food scene at the beachfront esplanade, serving some really great local flavours. Also, The Wharf is just a skip and hop away from the beach, and is a spot that you shouldn’t miss. This Mooloolah riverfront location offers a tasteful selection of outdoor cafes, bars, restaurants, fashion boutiques, and more.

Visit Sea Life Aquarium

Kid watching tropical fish at the SEA Life Aquarium

As the name hints, Sea Life literally lets you take a sneak peek into the incredible ‘sea life’. This is not an ordinary aquarium; the range of mesmerising aquatic encounters and experiences that await you here is truly mind-blowing.

Meet Sunshine Coast’s only colony of Little Blue Penguins, say hello to the adorable resident seals, touch starfish in the tidal pool, and walk through an 80-metre long viewing tunnel for an up-close experience with marine life. But that’s not it! Dive with sharks, rays, and reef fish; swim with penguins; take a ‘Behind The Scenes’ tour to understand how an aquarium works. As you can see, visiting Sea Life easily fits in your ‘top activities to do in Mooloolaba’ list.

Treat Yourself To Some Good Food

Succulent seafood served on a Mooloolaba lunch cruise

If you’re a foodie, you’re in for a treat (or multiple!). Mooloolaba is synonymous with ‘food haven'. You can effortlessly find some mouthwatering delicacies here, and of course, seafood tops the list. The Mooloolah River, The Esplanade, and The Wharf house some of the best eateries in the region. But don’t worry, seafood is not all that you get here. From contemporary Australian cuisine to delectable Thai, Japanese and other international cuisines, you can find some really rich flavours here. So, when it comes to food, go all out in Mooloolaba. Don’t forget to grab a beer, after all Sunshine Coast is Australia's craft beer capital. No, seriously, it is easily one of the best things to do in Sunshine Coast.

All right, dear readers. We hope with this blog you have an idea of what awaits you in this golden strip of beaches in Mooloolaba. Now, you know where to head to when your heart craves for some sunshine goodness and beach therapy. Mooloolaba is waiting!